10 new hidden features in OS X Yosemite

A little less than one week before the official release of OS X Yosemite, now learn some simple hidden features available to the new operating system.

The new OS X Yosemite is already among us. The new desktop operating system from Apple continues to speak. Without knowing new figures on its adoption, users have willingly accepted the new OS X Yosemite, which are numerous.On the web you can now find different analysis and compilation of what the new OS can provide to users.Having released a small summary of the main potential applications for OS X Yosemite, it’s time to learn about the hidden features that the system has.

1. Activate Dark Mode in OS X

Yosemite Dark mode

One of the great innovations of OS X Yosemite which many users thought as it was just a bug in the beta,that is the Dark Mode. For the first time Apple’s operating system for Mac darkens all its menus and interfaces. To do so we’ll just open System Preferences and in the General menu, select the menu bar and dock in the dark.

2. Screen Sharing in iMessage

If screen sharing before OS X was simple, through the Share menu then it is now much more. If we are chatting with a user via iMessage (Apple posts), so we’ll just click on Details and click on the two overlapping boxes. There we can choose to invite a user to share our screen or ask another user to share us his.

3. Signature through Trackpad or camera

In this case, this trick works on both MacBook Pro and iMac with Magic Trackpad. The Mail application, which was already analyzed in the beta version of OS X Yosemite, can sign documents in two ways: holding our signature in a white paper on the iSight camera or signing with our finger directly on the Apple trackpad.

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4. Convert currencies in Spotlight

Yosemite currency spotlight

With OS X Yosemite we completely forget applications for currency conversions as Spotlight, as already discussed it can be done by just by including the number and the symbol, whether dollars, yen, euros or pounds and other currencies.

5. Record the screen on iOS in August

The union between 8 and OS X iOS Yosemite is more than evident. No one can ignore the fact that both operating systems are increasingly complemented allowing among other things, to record the screen of your iOS device. Although its usefulness is limited to the ordinary user. Although we will have to use a USB cable to connect dock or Lightning between the Mac and the device.

6. Move the dock quickly

The dock is sometimes annoying a lot. If you do not have the same active concealment, so you’ll just hold down the shift key (or Shift) and click on the dock. Without releasing, drag it to any of the three parts where youcan place it right, left and down.

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7. Mute conversations

yosemite mute conversation

The truth is that iMessage is much improved. No longer just talk about the many improvements in stability and security of the application but also in its functionality. We have seen how we can share our desktop with the push of a few clicks but now we can silence a contact to our new messages so they will not bother us.

8. Eliminate open tabs in iOS

Location:You’re watching something embarrassing on your iPad and leave the room. Then march to your room and you see it from Safari to open that tab in iOS. From the new Safari for OS X Yosemite can eliminate going to the part where the tabs appear in iCloud and then clicking next to the title of it in the X.

9. Flyover in Maps

Maps for iOS has improved greatly over time. A year ago it was no match for Google Maps but now is well-deserving of being able to find new features. If you want to take a quick tour of a city (if available with this feature), you can use Flyover pressing the 3D button on the interface.

10. QuickType when writing

Yosemite has a iOS 8-like QuickType feature which helps us to bring up suggestions while we are typing.To do so we just need to click the ESC key and that’s all.


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