10 Tips to Make Your iDevice More Faster

Learn 10 Tips to Make Your iDevice More Faster

Like any other gadget with memory and storage, the iPhone also feels the pains at times when it gets slower. Even with a smartphone that rarely finds it difficult to attend to what the user wants, it is possible that older appliances get stuck, hang, and end up disappointing their owners. But there are solutions that can help to make your smartphone faster.  

Here are our 10 tips to make your iDevice more faster for anyone who owns an iPhone – mainly an older model – and want to see the machine running smoother, without stumbling.

1. Reboot Your Device, Now and Then

How long your iPhone is not rebooted? Have you ever thought that even the smartphones need to take a breath once in a while? After all, the iPhone is nonetheless a computer into a very small space. Restarting helps your smartphone to renew the system and free up resources that were secured during operation. How about restarting it now?


2. Keep It Updated

Contrary to what many people think, upgrading iOS will let you get some space and your device may run faster. Update fix bugs and improve the safety of the device and is extremely valid to always keep the latest version installed on the device. Unless, the device is too old that does not support the latest version of iOS.

iPhone Update

3. Reset All Settings, Time to Time

The iPhone brings an option in the Settings section that can be a great ally of those seeking to optimize device performance. When using enough device and setting up other preferences, the device may become overloaded. Some people do not change that much longer. The tip is, from time to time, reset the device settings and restore them to the way they were when the phone came from the factory.

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To do this, go to: General> Reset> Reset all settings and confirm. This will not delete anything from the phone memory, or change any files stored on it. It will only restore factory settings and improve its performance.

4. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi doesn’t need to be connected all the time

Do your iPhone always with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? It's time to review your concepts. When you are in a place where wireless signals are weak or the Bluetooth range is distant from the other device, the best thing to do is turn off these options and close the doors for possible connections.

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5. Turn off Automatic AppStore Updates

If you have been noticing that your iPhone is getting slower, turn off automatic updates for applications and allow updating their apps when you get home and plug your phone in iTunes. Go to Settings> iTunes and App Store, and the "Automatic Downloads" section, disable everything you can.

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6. Quit applications that are running in the background

Running apps in the background can really slow your device. When you have enough running applications in the background may drain your battery faster and eat more memory which can make your device dead slow. You can double-tap home button to quit the applications.

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7. Disable Background App Refresh

Another enemy of the battery and the efficiency of iOS is updating in the background. Now, if you can get home, plug your phone into the outlet or computer. You should turn background app refresh which updates your applications in the background.

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8. Clear Cache in Safari

Want to make your native and most efficient browser faster? Consider periodically clearing your cache. Delete useless and historical traces of navigation and let the system flow more cleanly. To do this, go to Settings> Safari> Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data.

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9. Delete Useless Applications

Many users love to download apps to see what they are for and, minutes later, they forget what they installed. Then the system is loaded with apps that have no purpose but to fill some space and consume memory. So be practical and delete all applications that are not useful to you. Leave the only apps which are important or, at least, be used with some frequency.

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10. Delete Photos, Videos and Old Pictures

Once invented WhatsApp and their group conversations, our iPhone camera roll was never the same. Suddenly you have more than 1000 images, including photos and memes. The best thing to do is transfer the photos to your computer or Dropbox / iCloud and delete the most useless, preserving good memories.

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