5 apps that will help you lead a healthier diet

These applications for a healthier diet will help you create better eating habits and lead a healthier life simple and fun way.

Christmas dinner, New Year’s dinner and many other things to spare. While these holidays are peak neglect our food, it is also the perfect opportunity to propose changes in our personal lives .

Experts believe that the secret to lose weight and live a healthier life is in the food we eat . Although not a simple task, change our eating habits depends largely on our effort and support we have. So today we bring you a list of applications for your mobile phone that will help you lead a healthier diet in a simple and fun way.

Come Bien

Come Bien

Developed by Luz Helena Caceres Villamizar, with support from the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (MinTIC) of Colombia, Come Bien is a health application for improving eating habits , dedicated to people suffering risk conditions (obesity, cholesterol high, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, etc.).

Come Bien provides recommendations to consume 5 different foods, which are accompanied by very easy to prepare recipes, a list of additives not recommended daily tips for eating proper portions and a complete list of stores and shops where to find the special ingredients for recipes.But the fact that is disappointing is that it is not available in English.

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Download this app for free from the Play Store.

Pic Healthy 

pic healthy

If you’re somebody who love posting pictures of your food in Instagram, Pic Healthy Food Photo Diary will be loved by you for sure. This application lets you take pictures and describe how healthy you think is your dish ,then share it, your friends will give the final verdict.

Pic Healthy lets you keep track of what you eat through you share photos and earn points every time something qualifies as healthy. Thanks to this application, available for iOS and Android , you’ll take better care of your diet and have fun with your friends while doing so.

Noom Coach

Noom Coach

Although Noom Coach is designed primarily for weight loss, it is also designed to help you develop healthy eating habits .

It has a search algorithm and barcode scanner to help you record all your food;incorporates a calorie counter records of different colors to identify the foods you should eat or avoid; offers daily basis articles on health and fitness and supports you through a forum of people like you who are making an effort to have a healthier life .

Noom Coach is available for iOS and Android .

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Virtuagym Food

Virtuagym Food

With Virtuagym Food , after answering a few questions, you get a personalized nutritional plan according to your lifestyle and goals you want to achieve. This app, available for iOS and Android gives you the ability to configure your nutritional plan depending on whether you want to lose weight, maintain weight, gain weight or get muscle.

Virtuagym Food control calories, protein and fat you consume and offers excellent integration with Virtuagym Fitness, a comprehensive platform to get in shape and train at home or in the gym.



Your food diary of what you have with Foodzy . With a simple touch on the screen, adds dishes and foods to your daily menu. Foodzy fits perfectly on devices iOS and Android and can also connect with Withings or Fitbit.

Make lose weight and control your food a fun activity , invite your friends to watch what you’re eating and earn medals and points to lead a healthy life.

So there are no excuses, this list of applications only thing missing is a little effort on your part and you can enjoy a healthier life in this 2015.

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