5 Google Chrome Extensions to Increase your Productivity

It not a new feature that browsers supports to add extensions that extend its functionality and features. Google Chrome, for example, is one that most stands out for its Chrome Web Store, an online store full of extensions that can help anyone fulfill their tasks more quickly and efficiently.

The problem is that due to the popularization of the Web Store, a series of useless and malicious extensions are there in the store and finding something really useful there is a difficult task.

We have compiled a list of extensions that can be useful for you to increase your productivity:

5. Delicious Bookmark Extension

One of the coolest things that exist on mobile devices is the ease of them in sharing links with our friends. This same feature, however, is not seen on desktops.

The DeliciousBookmark Extension brings the same ease from mobile devices to your computer and eliminates the need to copy and paste the URL in the body of the email. Simply click the extension button, enter the e-mail friend and the ready!

Bookmark with Delicious Extension is possible not only to share links with friends, as well as add them to your favorites and organize everything using the system of ratings and tags (Photo: Playback)

4. Chrome Remote Desktop

If you are a network administrator of a company that has many computers, you should know the work it takes to assist and keep all those working in accordance with its policies machines.

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In this situation, the Chrome Remote Desktop comes as an excellent option for those who need to access machines remotely. Whether for just doing maintenance on the machine, or to pull a forgotten work in the computer file, the CRD does the trick. The most interesting is that everything is done in the Chrome window.

With Chrome Remote Desktop is not only possible to remotely access other computers, but also transmit files between them (Photo: Playback)

3. Chrome to Mobile

The Chrome to Mobile is the mobile alternative of Chrome Remote Desktop. Is out of work and still want to continue following the assembly that report that takes several hours? No problem!

With Chrome to Mobile is possible to replicate the screen of your computer on your mobile screen. Moreover, it is still possible to work offline if you go to a place without connectivity.

The Chrome to Mobile lets us replicate the browser screen on the mobile device and vice versa. Difference is that it also works offline (Photo: Playback)

2. Gmail Checker

Some say they check e-mail several times per hour is a disease. The problem is that there are people who rely on communication by e-mail to do their jobs every day. And that’s where the Gmail Checker enters.

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With this extension you need not be connected with an open tab in your Gmail account and keep checking it from moment to moment. The Gmail Checker will not only make it for you in the background but also displays a warning to the number of new messages are in your inbox. All very simple, but very effective.

The Gmail Checker adds this little item on the Chrome toolbar and notifies you whenever a new email arrives to your inbox (Photo: Playback)

1. Nimbus Screenshot

Today, one of the most used features on computers is the screenshot. Is to show someone what you’re seeing or to explain to a friend how to perform a task on the computer, the fact is that almost always have to use other software to complete the task.

With Nimbus Screenshot this need is eliminated. With it we not only capture the computer screen, but we can also edit the image on the fly before sending it to a friend.

With Nimbus screenshot we can not only make screen capture, but also edit the image on the fly before sending it to a friend (Photo: Playback)

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