Internet browsing in 3G speed with 2G data pack

3G speed in 2G data plan
Now access 3G browsing speed in 2G data plan. Apply this simple settings in your mobile phone and enjoy the 3.1 Mbps speed.

Do you have a 2G data plan and wanted to have a 3G speed in 2G data pack ? I hope this simple trick will help you to get 3G network speed in 2G data plan.

This simple trick will only speed up only your browsing speed and not the downloading. Your download speed would be still at 2G speed. And it is also depended on your network service provider.

Follow the steps below:

  • Tap on Menu.
  • Open phone Settings.
  • In settings under Wireless and Network, look for More Options.
  • Tap for option More Options.
  • Select on Mobile Networks.
  • Tap on select SIM Card. ( For dual SIM devices only)
  • Select SIM with active data plan.
  • Then check for option called Network Mode and Tap on it.
  • You will find three options called GSM only, WCDMA only and WCDMA/GSM mode.
  • Now select option as WCDMA Only.
  • Restart your Phone.

Now you can enjoy 3G browsing speed in your 2G data pack. Do not forget to share this trick with your friends and family.

Note and Conclusion:

  • Only browsing speed will be 3G. While downloading speed will still remain 2G.
  • Your Internet Service Provider should have 3G services in your region or country.
  • This settings might not work for few network providers.

If you find that this trick is not working for your network then please comment below. We would be happy to help you with few other settings.

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35 Responses

  1. Sahil rana says:

    bro it does not work with vodafone of gujarat circle

  2. Ashish says:

    Earlier I was able to access 3g network on my mobile even with 2g data plan of vodafone network.
    After my last recharge of 2g data plan I am not able to access the 3g network at all.
    As soon as I switch to wcdma mode I lose the connectivity.
    Any auggest

  3. mbr says:

    Not helpful for Vodafone.

  4. Alan says:

    Wat is the another name of wcdma i dont know

  5. Alan says:

    Can u add me to facebook u might be helpful to here is my fb name James Angom i will be waiting for u

  6. tanmay says:

    I have tried everythng…..but nt possible on vodafone

  7. kapil munda says:

    this trick is not working on my vodafone sim .my sim is enabled of 2g & 3g. … help me….

  8. Imaad says:

    Does this trick works for tata Docomo

    • manju says:

      there is no gsm or wcdma aptions. there is only 2g or 3g option. but every sim not working. i tryed with vodafone and airtel. and idea.

  9. Rahul negi says:

    Does this trick work on Airtel..plz tell

  10. suman karmakar says:

    I like vodafone and idea net…
    Though i use aircel.. i think vodafone is is better than any other sim..

  11. saurabh says:

    but setting is not allowing in windows phone…..

  12. Rahul Prasad says:

    Your are providing us good network

  13. leo says:

    it doesn’t work for me either, i have airtel. So tell me for which service provider it works, guess it works only for u

  14. Daksh says:

    Can i use 3g in my 2g phone ????
    pls tll me

  15. arul says:

    How use moto g3

  16. jk says:

    Not working with idea unlimited 2g plan ₹199

  17. Tushar says:

    How I can access 3g in 2g net pack recharge. Pls tell me.

  18. Sanju says:

    Guys this will work only some cases.
    For example, SOme areas vodafone does not have license for 3G, hence your mobile wont connect to 3g, only will get 2g vodafone.In this case, you can select WCDMA , this will help you to get 3g speed from Airtel or some other provider.I used try this for last couple of years.

  19. Abhineet says:

    I’m using motog3 where wcdma option is not there.when i select 3g network in network mode still there is E comes on signal not can i access 3G speed on 2G pack?

  20. tanesh says:

    Will it work on telenor

  21. yash says:

    Can i convert 2g into 3g in vodafone in maharashtra circle

  22. pritam says:

    Sir in my area i have 3g network.. when i have 3g packs .. it works but when i have 2g pack it is not work… this trick is working only on aircel. Idea. Airtel

  23. prakash rajan says:

    Is there any tricks to increase download speed on 2g packs

  24. Nikhil Sharma says:

    Whenever I click on WCDMA I shows no service… Plz help me!!!

  25. manjil basumatary says:

    I just recharged airtel 2g pack 299 3gb unlimited but not working 3g this time

  26. shankar Raj says:

    Idea 2 g was very slow. I used this trick but I found that data roaming was activated (idea karnataka) how can I speed up 2g?

  27. Abi says:

    I am also have the same palm.I was activated 2 g pack in Vodafone ,I will change the wcdma mode in phone BT it will not work then I will loose my network

  28. Abi says:

    I just recharged Vodafone 2g pack 248rps 3gb unlimited but not working 3 g

  29. Abi says:

    I just recharged Vodafone 2g pack 248 rps 3gb unlimited but it not working 3g

  30. sumit Chauhan says:

    2gconnect to 3g speed

  31. kanhaiya says:

    It’s not work baked idea

  32. ANANDHU says:

    Is it work in IDEA NET SETTER?????

  33. Mohsin says:

    does this work for airtel

  34. sartajtaaj says:

    not working for Vodafone west bengal siliguri

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