8 best free action games in Android phone

Action Games
Are you a action games addict ? want to get some cool games for your android mobile ? We have listed out few best free action games to look.

We all love watching actions and doing the same too, what if I say that it is possible to add actions in our daily lives in a limitless fashion? Lamentably, we all can’t go and get it on the grounds. Yet, there is a way to do. Thankfully there is a wide determination of Android action games that are accessible by simply swiping and tapping the screen throughout the day. Here is the best portion of such incredible series of action games.

1. Age of Zombies:

To begin with the application that is a Contra-style shooter game namely Age of Zombies. In this thrill, you play as a fellow who is basically attempting to survive from zombie which are progressively rising to end the world. This is finished by shooting these zombies with a mixed bag of weapons. There is sufficient shooting in this diversion to hold you over for quite a while. It incorporates a story, bunches of difficulties, and you can ride a T-Rex. What’s not to cherish?

2. Blood & Glory:

It is slash fighting game, where your player competes with the gladiator. There are two versions of the game that is no blood version and blood version. Interestingly both are awesome. And alongside, you will find the graphics and the action of the game pretty amazing.

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3. Grand Theft Auto:

GTA can be one of your favorite games if you are PlayStation lover because almost every gamer use to play GTA in PS. Well, the good news is – you can now play it on Android phones too. So you can enjoy all the sequels of GTA in your phone.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy:

Guardians of the Galaxy is a fresher title that places you in control of your most loved characters from Marvel’s raving success film. You’ll be gathering partners, murdering terrible fellows, and gathering the different bits of the Universal Weapon before it falls into the wrong hands. It’s not as quick paced as a few games but rather you’ll be swiping around murdering terrible species before you know it.

5. Injustice: Gods among Us:

If you love DC Comics then we have a possibly something interesting for you too. In Injustice: Gods Among Us you’ll be battling with superheroes being one of your most loved superheroes. There is likewise online multiplayer mode, leaderboards, and the illustrations are really better than average. It likewise has some RPG components that let you level up, expansion your turn sets, and the sky is the limit from there. It’s really famous and an extraordinary battling amusement to fill your evening. It’s likewise allowed to play which is pleasant.

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6. Jetpack Joyride:

Jetpack Joyride is a famous and well-known title. It’s a 2D side-looking over activity arcade diversion where you must fly, gather coins, and maintain a strategic distance from terrible gentlemen. It’s allowed to play which is pleasant and it’s a huge amount of fun on the off chance that you like limitless runner-style recreations like Temple Run or Smash Hit. It’s quick paced and pressed loaded with fun stuff to do.

7. Sonic the Hedgehog:

There were the two version released by Sonic the Hedgehog and successfully, both were adopted by the users. Here will get many thrilling levels and will have to save little furry critters, also fight with Dr. Robotnik in the game.

8. Spider-man Unlimited:

Who doesn’t love the movie of amazing Spiderman and everyone fantasizes himself/herself as a Spiderman once in thoughts. Well! the android technology has made it easier with the game Spiderman Unlimited. You can now run your hero with a couple of taps and swipes using this game.

What else to be explored in action and thrill, the game you have just visited above are the trending games of the market. So just go and make your score and share it like a boss among friends.

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