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dmoz directory submission
Website Optimization Guide to submit or add your website/blog content pages to : Open Directory Project.

This Website Optimization Guide will teach you simple steps and procedure(pictorial) to submit or add your website/blog content pages to : Open Directory Project.

Advise: Always read full article guide before starting the procedure, you may stuck if you do step by step keep hobby of reading full.

Now follow this Directory Submission Guide to Submit your website to DMOZ Open Directory Project:

Step #1: Open

Click open website main page

DMOZ Homepage

Step #2: Select Top Category

Select Appropriate Top Category for your website or blog content post

Example: Consider you have a website Awesome Photo blog which is blog related to photography. Your main Top Category would be Art.

DMOZ Art Category

Step #3: Select Sub Category

Select Appropriate Sub Category more matched for your Website or Blog content

Example: As you have Photo blog, select Sub category as Photoblog. 

Photo Blog

Further in Sub-category, if you sub of sub-category consider browsing into it and select most desired.

Step #4: Suggest URL

Once you have selected most appropriate category for your content, you will be able to submit or suggest URL to DMOZ

On the right top corner you will find a link Suggest URL. Click on it then you will be sent to submission or suggestion form fill up page.

Suggest URL

Step #5: Fill Out Form and Submit

Fill out URL suggestion form accurately, before that read all the do’s and don’ts under each field on form.

You can submit your website or blog URL in 4 different ways (Choose URL for better result).

Fill up DMOZ form for Submitting URL

Give a Title of Site on form, make sure it matches your website title and does not contain any keywords.

Submit Your form for DMOZ

Enter Your E-mail Address and User Verification Text give under text field. And then Click on Submit button below.

Now, your content is sent for verification, to there reviewing team. Reviewing team may take two weeks to 2 months for your site link verification. Once verified your website will be added to DMOZ Open Directory.

Note: It is not guaranteed that your website will be added to directory because chances are very less to get approved by moderators depend on your content and category.


Do not use promotional words and descriptions when filling in the website submission. If you do, it will take longer for your submission to be reviewed and there is a higher chance of getting your submission denied.

If you repeatedly submit the website, there will be a greater delay for the category editors to review the website submission and a less chance of getting your website indexed.

Never submit a website that goes against the DMOZ guidelines – pornographic and warez websites are not allowed!

Note and Conclusion:

Hence, here is complete Guide on submitting your URL to DMOZ Open Directory Project. Once your website is approved you will be getting the back-links from Google PR6 website which is consider to be great search engines.

For any Help and Guide Kindly comment below.

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