No ads on Youtube with paid subscription

Youtube is preparing the paid superscription option to let one to be free from the painful ads on it.

The paid subscription Youtube without commercials.YouTube is working on a new business model that includes paid membership, a major shift in the approach to advertising on the web site of the world’s largest video network, as declared by an executive of the company.

This addition or option, as they prefer to call it, is being led by Susan Wojcicki, Google executive veteran who spent years in the advertising company. She took over YouTube earlier this year and has been looking for ways to generate more revenue and profits from the platform, which Google acquired for $ 1.65 billion in 2006 (and spent 8 years!).

A paid subscription without ads from YouTube in addition to supply advertising already exists, would give users more options and might work better news where most people see the content through mobile applications as Wojcicki said during Code Mobile conference held in Half Moon Bay, California, during the night of Monday.

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“It is short-term,” Wojcicki said. There will be cases where people will say, “I do not want to see the ads” .”We’re looking at ways to give users the options”. Wojcicki is considering paid subscriptions and other online video services from companies such as Netflix, and Hulu to gain more viewers. Some of these services also display advertisements, but others like Netflix do not.

About a year ago, YouTube allowed content creators to create their own channels by subscription . The channels allow video creators to charge a fee to view its contents.While the initiative of the PPV had a slow start, Google’s expanded in October 2013, opening more ” partners ” and additional countries.But what YouTube has never offered is a paid subscription option to exclude listings .

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With AdBlock for many Youtube ads are not a problem and it is estimated that 27% of internet users have the extension installed on their computers which removes not only profits but also to other platforms of Youtube and creators of CONTENT. I particularly relate to the type of subscription with Twitch TV, a site where users can see young playing and paying to subscribe and support them and incidentally not have to see the ads.

So what do you think of Youtube paid subscription with no ads? Is it a good initiative?

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