Google Adwords, Facebook or Twitter Ads: Best for business

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Are you looking for an online advertisement for promoting your business? We have the comparison between Adwords, Facebook and Twitter Ads

Google, Facebook and Twitter are currently the biggest internet giants. So it’s a good idea to use their advertising models for your internet business- but which one to choose?

It is not a choice of merely choosing a brand. You get benefits exclusive to each model.

So which suits best towards your needs? Or is there really a winner? Is one advertisement model better than the others?

Using the three platforms at once will give you reach to more audience, but there is a chance of them being the same user.

Hence let’s devote a trivial amount of time and decide which is better.

So without further ado here is a briefing of Google Adwords vs. Facebook Ads vs. Twitter Ads:

Google Adwords for Business:

This advertisement model will trigger ads in accordance to user preferences. The ads are shown on pages with related content.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Hence, you as a business person can’t control the demography that receives your ads.

Instead, you have to choose “keywords” wisely so that in MAY reach an audience that will benefit you.

Google Adwords can easily generate immediate website visits or even sales for almost any type of product.

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As most people search on Google, if they search happen to search something you provide they can be easily directed to your site.

Google Adwords has a very long lifecycle as they appear to people searching for related keywords.

Facebook Ads for Business:

Facebook Ads, on the other hand, provides the facility to target specific audiences. You can narrow down your audiences based on age, location, demography, interests and psychographics.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Mainly Facebook Ads give you the best platform for creating awareness and building a fan base.

Do understand that it won’t immediately generate sales as they come from people who see your advertisements, not in any motivation for buying your products.

Initially, Facebook Ads display a good number of clicks but the numbers generally decline.

This is due to people having seen the ads before and is not interested in it anymore. Due to this the cost per click is increased as the click through rate has decreased.

So have to get creative and change the advertisement copy frequently to keep the clicks coming and maintain a relatively low cost.

Twitter Ads for Business:

This advertisement model is pretty similar to Facebook Ads, even the process and interfaces have a lot of resemblances.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

Now there are some subtle differences like you only pay for user actions that are associated with your campaign objective.

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Again, you won’t be charged for any organic engagement that might take place.

Again as accounted in several studies, Twitter Ads has a much higher click-through rate than that of Facebook’s.

But if we consider areas like numbers of active users, audience reach, average engagement and mobile optimization, Facebook is far ahead than Twitter.

But it is worth keeping in mind that the most recent update of Twitter Ads is still in Beta and they are working hard on offering a better advertising platform.


As it is fairly obvious, the competition is currently between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. Now to conclude which one of this is the best, if comes to determining why you want advertisement. If your interest is in selling things available in the market but via your site, then go for Adwords. But if you are delivering something new then you probably want people awareness so Facebook Ads will come in handy here.

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