Alibaba sold the equivalent of 1,800 million dollars in one hour

Alibaba is the world's largest e-commerce site and have proven to have sold more than 1.8 billion worth of goods in just one hour.

Companies like Amazon and eBay are extremely popular in Europe and America and virtually anyone has bought at least once from these platforms,but when it comes to e-commerce world, it is impossible not to mention Alibaba,the Chinese rival Amazon which manages to sell much more than what the company of Jeff Bezos and eBay sold together.

Yesterday,November 11th, is celebrated in China (native of Alibaba) on Guangunjie , day of the “single” and traditionally this date is the opposite to Valentine, sales of goods to soar as happens in any celebration. Alibaba, this year has sold more than 1.8 billion dollars in just one hour, showing that they are a titan on internet sales.

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This has been announced with further details. For example, passing midnight and start of the holiday, in just the first two minutes the company had sold the equivalent of $ 163 million in assets, to finally close the first time with the huge figure that I mentioned.

alibaba sales

All this has to do with the plans of Jonathan Lu the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Alibaba, market expansion. Alibaba is incredibly popular in China and throughout Asia, but even already have AliExpress platform with which from anywhere in the world we can buy from sellers of Alibaba and now the executive wants to become even more global and conquer new territories. This will undoubtedly be a big threat to Amazon, which is the “King” in online sales in Europe and America.

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Alibaba has both the sales platform type business-to-business (or business-to-public), in the style of Amazon, as a consumer-to-consumer, eBay style. We know that Chinese companies struggle to expand slightly in the world by various international laws (take Xiaomi, for example) but this is a titan of shopkeeping that want to take their product to everyone and has been partnering with internationally renowned companies to achieve this.

If they achieve to do so then it would be a killer blow to companies like Amazon as their territory will be at high risk because of Alibaba.

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