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Best Google Play Store alternative for Android, download paid games and apps without paying a single penny. App store has great features.

The best thing of Google’s Android OS smartphones is Play Store. Play Store allows users to browse and download millions of useful applications. And good part of Android OS is that it is open source software allowing you to download apps which might act as its competitors. Having this ‘good part’, today I am going to tell you about an app store having features and apps which you will not find in any other app store. This  app store is called Aptoide.

Aptoide app store is basically a android APK application which is written in JAVA. Aptoide is similar to Play Store where you can browse and download the apps. It is a digital distribution platform for Android smartphones. It is presently providing over 200 thousand apps.

Unique features of Aptoide app store:

  • Get paid apps for free:  Get all paid apps  for free at one place. The fact is Aptoide offers all apps free. Now instead of ‘Googling’ for apk files just search** for the apps in Aptoide store and download it. It hosts almost all apps that are available in Google Play Store.
  • Get any .apk file: You can download any apk file from Aptoide app store.
  • Safe: Aptoide app store has its own system for scanning the apps for malware and spyware. So they are safe to download (trusted).



  • Get Hacked versions of games and Hack tools: Yes, plenty of hack tools and hacked games are available. Just search the game for hacked version using proper keywords and download it. Before downloading such apps look at reviews if they are positive than prefer them to download because many would turn out to be fake. Do not forget to Allow mock locations in your Android device while using any such apps for privacy and security reasons.
  • Simple user interface (UI): The user interface of app store is so simple and easy to understand that anyone can grasp it quickly.
  • Before hand updates (Personal experience PE): Yes, you can get updates before it is officially released for your country. when a update for a app is released in other country/province and if the updated app is uploaded on Aptoide it can be downloaded. PE: Plants vs Zombies 2 was initially released in Australia but I was able to download it in India much before its release via Aptoide store.
  • Download any time ‘no worry’: One of the problem which we frequently face while downloading apps on Play Store is, if the download stops or gets interrupted we have to re-download the app from beginning. This might not cost you much data and time for applications with smaller size but applications with larger size will surely cost you a lot. But in Aptoide app store there is no such problem. The Download manager of Aptoide will store the data and will resume the download from the point were it stopped.
  • Download in phases: As I said the download manager of Aptoide stores the data and  resumes the download from the point were it stopped. So you can download the apps with large size in phases. Lets take an example: Suppose if you are downloading an application having a size say 250 MB and you have a data of 100 MB left. You can download the remaining 150 MB any time you wish.
  • Create your own market: You can create your own market and upload apps in Aptoide store.

Aptoide is not available on Google Play Store because of Google’s No Competition Clause.  But you can download the APK file here- DOWNLOAD APTOIDE

Aptoide download page

Aptoide download manager

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Even after searching if you don’t find the app in Aptoide store than an option will be displayed called “SEARCH ON WEB” Tap on it, choose your preferred browser (not opera), a page will open, select the app to install and it will direct you to Aptoide app store and the app gets downloaded.


I hope you like Aptoide app store. If you are facing any problem feel free to ask me in comment section below.

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  1. Karthik Bhandarkar says:

    Are the paid apps downloaded from this app store for free, authorised by Google play service?
    I mean , can we connect our Google play games account to paid apps or games like Monument Valley?
    What about the updates?

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