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If you’ve ever before felt peeved at those faceless barons who destroyed the middle class, then Attack of the Wall St Titan might be the ready you. It’s plainly the Unofficial Authorities Game of the Occupy Movement. Whatever one thinks about the pointed out movement, you will not find too many games that merge robotics, Exchange bullies and their henchmen with Confidential in a tongue-in-cheek morality tale.


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The property is straightforward: the “Man” is furious at the “hippie protesters,” so he and his boys create a massive robot (the Titan) to take them out. The good news is for the disaffected masses, an Anon hacker conserves the day by re-programming the robot to get its designers.


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The gameplay consists of, well, taking it to the streets. It permits gamblers to envision business monsters that fleece society by enlisting them to entry. That’s right … as the Titan, I utilized a finger to do the damage. The game starts with a normal flow of escaping “fits”. I obtained good cash for acquiring them (and the law enforcement agent that ultimately showed up) and unfavorable cash (greats?) when there was civilian casualties. I indicate, there’s a lot of pizza shipment people in this game. Therefore there are elements of tower defense, whack-a-mole and more. In addition, it was leveled play with a number of objectives shook in too.

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Wall St

I didn’t like the advertisements, but hello, the designer tests us: rating enough points and obtain all stars, and the game obtains opened. I like that principle, and I think that improves the replay worth of the game. I adore challenges, but I do believe the gameplay does end up being rather disorderly sometimes.

ATWST is an interesting game with a story. We need more of them.


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