Apple opens data centers in Europe to escape the NSA

Apple is ready to build their own data centers across Europe to secure their customers privacy from the likes of NSA scandals.

Apple announced in a press release the investment of 1.7 billion euros to build two data centers in Europe , particularly in Ireland and Denmark.

Officially, these new data centers will support services iTunes, App Store, iMessage, Maps and Siri in Europe. But reading between the lines, the news has much more path outlined in this press release.

After the scandal of the NSA government spying, Apple has had several run-ins with the US government, and the judges who will require access to private information and data from European users. On the other hand, the governments of the European Union themselves are very upset about this espionage and put pressure on US companies to personal data of EU citizens to stay in Europe and not leave from here. Under no circumstances want to be stored or pass through US servers available to the NSA and US law, less likely to preserve the privacy of European citizens.

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Apple will solve all these problems with the construction of two new European data centers. On the one hand, to store data and traffic of European customers in Europe, do not have to respond to requests for data from the American authorities, unless proven offenses.Furthermore, quiet governments and European companies meets their demands that European data is stored and managed in Europe.

A data center is a high-security building where thousands of servers holding customer data or apps and programs that are downloaded are kept. The two data centers to be built in Europe will have an area of 166,000 square meters each and will be powered by 100% renewable energy . Apple will integrate into local communities to support their development. In the data center Athenry, Ireland, will replant thousands of local trees in areas that were previously dedicated to cultivation. They also will create educational areas nearby schools . In the data center Viborg (Denmark) the heat generated by the servers will be used to heat homes in nearby villages.Both centers will be completed in 2017.

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Apple already employs 18,300 people in 19 European countries. Last year increased by 2,000 staff. Ensures that Europeans indirect jobs generated by their devices and apps for iOS amounted to 672,000 jobs.

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