Arduino Matters 101: The Arduino 3D Printer

Arduino Matters 101, the 3D printer is on its way to the market.

The alliance between 3D printing and open source hardware becomes stronger every day. The RepRap project is perhaps the most noted example from the media, but not the only one out there. Now, the founder of Arduino, Massimo Banzi announced the new 3D printer Arduino Matters 101 , based on the Arduino Mega and with a completely open design.

The demand for 3D printers is growing. Personally, I wish the prices would have a more appropriate response and although there are relatively affordable options, we all know that 3D printers will not operate unless they are located in a much more competitive level and “massive” as it were .Enthusiasts who decided to assemble their own 3D printers are doing everything possible to reduce costs of both components and materials used in printing. This also includes the manufacture of extruders to produce filaments, an initiative that has nothing simple. Open source projects like RepRap have helped greatly in the development of 3D printers, and this time, it’s time for Arduino with the Arduino Matters 101.

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Arduino Matters 101

Massimo Banzi announced on Italian television program about Arduino’s official entry to the territory of 3D printers with Arduino Matters 101 . The design of this unit will be attended by people Sharebot and already has full specifications of reference. We are in a 3D printer with dimensions of 31 by 33 by 35 inches ten kilograms, a construction volume of 14 10 10 cm, resolution of 0.06 mm for the X and Y axes and 0.0025 for the Z axis Support PLA filament 1.75 mm, 20 LCD 4 characters and an Arduino Mega 2560 loaded with firmware open source .

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Of course, this openness extends to any printer and the idea is to find a place in schools and cooperative work environments, in addition to our homes.The first option of this project will cost a little less than 600 euros ,while armed and ready to use model will be priced higher than a hundred euros .

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