Ascap Reciprocal Agreements

Like most countries around the world, Australia has only one PRO – APRA. In the United States, however, there are several PROs, and APRA AMCOS has mutual agreements with three: ASCAP, IMC and SESAC. BMI works closely with the more than 90 sister companies with which it has mutual representation agreements. Foreign-acquired licensing fees are an important source of revenue for many ASCAP members. We have agreements with foreign companies that represent virtually every country that has copyright laws. We work with these companies in different ways to ensure that our members receive royalties from performances of their works in foreign territories. PRS for Music represents the rights of songwriters, composers and music publishers in the UK and around the world. As a member organization, it is committed to ensuring that creative performance is paid for even when its musical compositions and songs are broadcast, downloaded, broadcast, performed and performed in public. With more than 100 performance agreements worldwide, the PRS for Music network represents more than two million music creators worldwide. In 2018, 11.2 trillion music shows were reported to PRS for Music, with $746 million raised for its members, making it one of the world`s leading music management organizations. First of all, it is important to notify APRA AMCOS if you sign some kind of publication contract.

This ensures that we can manage your rights properly. If you have a publication agreement in the U.S. (which includes under-publishing agreements), it`s likely that your U.S. publisher has a favorite PRO. This means that your publisher registers your works through a PRO and that your works are paid for by that PRO. Our new agreement with BMI is a big step forward in making our relationship a true business-to-business partnership. While with BMI, we have constantly updated our business practices with an average duration of 35 years of PRS agreements, modernizing this aspect of our business and maintaining a commercial base for our international social relations is a top priority for PRS. When ASCAP works are performed in a foreign country, the Performance Society follows the performances, collects royalties from local music users, and then transmits the royalties purchased to ASCAP for distribution. Our agreements are reciprocal, which means that we also license the factories of foreign companies in the United States and pass the data and fees on to the company concerned.

It is important to be aware that choosing a USA PRO for this purpose does not change your membership in APRA, and all your royalties, including overseas revenues, will continue to be paid by APRA AMCOS. Our agreements with international subsidiaries simply mean that we can offer you a number of options. While these agreements are useful in ensuring that a songwriter`s songs can eventually collect royalties for uses in other countries, this is not guaranteed.