Batman Arkham Origins Arrives For Free On Google Play Store

The mobile version of Batman: Arkham Origins is now available for free to download for Android via Google Play . The game is a spin-off game of the same name released in 2013 and integrates the canon of Arkham series.

The game has RPG elements, with the option to customize the Dark Knight with different uniforms classics – like Batman Beyond, Batman Justice League – and more armor that must be managed according to the style of each player fights. The mobile edition of the game can also be connected to the game running on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it can be the player have access to unique items.


In his storyline, the game is similar to the Arkham Origins version released for consoles. The villain Black Mask advertises a reward for the man-bat head. Consequently, the chance of becoming a millionaire in Gotham is disputed by various figures of the stock villains of the hero, as Bane and the Terminator.


Batman: Arkham Origins comes to Android adapted for touch controls, but it is good to reserve space on your device: the game takes up 1.6 GB. Last year, Arkham Origins for Mobile was released on free-to-play format for iOS .



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