What are Benefits of having a Green Tea in a day ?

morning cup of green tea
Ensure good health by drinking green tea regularly. A few cups of green tea everyday will make sure that you have no illnesses and fats.

Rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients, green tea is slowly becoming a favorite beverage for health-conscious people. After all, a regular intake of green tea every day can do wonders for your health!

Produced primarily in Japan and China, green tea is un-fermented leaves that have a bitter flavor. It is prepared by mixing the tea leaves with warm water. Milk should not be added to the beverage.

Read below to know more about the beneficial significance of this incredible brew –

Controls diabetes

A cup of green tea after everyday meals ensures a significant control over blood sugar levels. This is a relief for diabetic patients since it helps in preventing the rise in insulin levels and accumulation of fats.

Heart diseases

Regular intake of green tea keeps the blood pressure stable, thus avoiding any rise or dip in the pressure levels that might turn chronic in the long run. Also, it averts clog formation, which is an important cause of heart disease.

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Prevents cholesterol formation

By ensuring the reduction of harmful cholesterol present in the blood, green tea offers to maintain a healthy and fit body. Also, consuming green tea also helps in increasing the healthy cholesterol levels.

Prevents tooth decay

Rich in ‘catechin’, which acts as an anti-oxidant, green tea helps to curb growth of bacteria that cause dental problems.

Helps weight loss

Green tea helps in triggering metabolism. This, in turn, makes sure digestion of food, which does not lead to accumulation of fats. Thus, regular intake of green tea is an excellent source to help weight loss.

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Woman Drinking Tea Calmly

Woman Drinking Tea Calmly

Fights depression

If you are prone to get depressed regularly, then a daily dose of green tea is a must for you. You would ask why? The answer is the chemical – ‘Theanine’ that is found in green tea, which helps to relax the mind, and keep away from depressing thoughts.

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Healthy skin

Many doctors suggest green tea for a healthy and glowing skin. Green tea helps to fight wrinkle problem. Since it is a good antioxidant, regular intake of green tea makes sure skin diseases stay away.

So, you weren’t really aware of so many benefits that a single cup of green tea would offer. Grab your cuppa now and enjoy a nutritional and healthy sip today!

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