Best Free VPN services to protect your privacy

Collect 5 of the best VPN services currently available that offer free solutions for users who want to encrypt your traffic, protect your identity, or skip regional blocks websites.

If you do not want to surf never naked web with your data exposed to all the eager eyes that want your information, it’s time you start to use a VPN to protect your traffic. VPN services allow you to encrypt the data you sent earlier about your unprotected on a virtual private network. Besides that you provide other benefits such as access to websites blocked by region , they let you hide your identity by hiding your IP, block making some pages crawl through the cookies, help you jump censorship or certain your ISP restrictions may apply to your connection and some even offer malware protection.

The vast majority of popular VPN services offer completely free solutions that fit the needs of many users. Or, if you want to expand the benefits of either, then you can no longer live the life without a VPN, many offer premium features quite attractive. If you’ve never used a VPN and do not manage to understand its benefits, it may be time to try some and to begin today we bring you 5 free alternatives.


VPN TunnelBear

Bear VPN is a service well known on the Internet. TunnelBear offers one of the most simple and easy to use VPN alpicaciones there, plus it looks very nice and it never hurt anyone. TunnelBear offers applications for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. And the fabulous price of anything, lets you surf the web safely hiding your IP address by routing your traffic to look like they are in another country (you can choose from 13 different countries), blocking scripts malware and tracking websites.

Best of all is that you do not need to configure anything, just run the program on your favorite device and light protection. The free service only offers 500MB of monthly traffic (which can be increased to 1.5GB every month by simply sending a tweet) . For $ 4.99 a month, or using the annual promotion low price, you can have the completely unlimited VPN.

Hotspot Shield

HotSpot Shield is a VPN service quite old and one of the best reputations in the market has, for many years now. The application is for Mac and PC, iOS and Android and does not require any special configuration by the user. If you use the service for free you get your traffic encryption, masking your IP, unblocking websites and have no limits on bandwidth, but the application shows some advertisements from time to time.

For $ 4.99 a month or $ 29.95 a year, you can enjoy all the benefits in addition to technical support, malware protection, more countries for virtual locations and advertising-free experience.


Frootvpn service

FrootVPN is a relatively new service and not well known, but that does not diminish it one of the best solutions from the list. This is a VPN completely free , unlimited traffic and you can use on almost any device without installing anything. Their servers are located in Sweden under the privacy laws of this country and no bandwidth limits .

Although it sounds too good to be true, it is. FrootVPN is maintained by a group of people who remain anonymous for now told that maintain the free service as long as they pay the costs, thanks to other projects undertaken. To start using it, you need only register an account and get your credentials with which you can set up a new private network on your computer or mobile. Simple instructions on how to do this are on the official website.



Another service and is deservedly popular among users looking to skip restrictions on the web. Hola is currently one of the most popular VPN, thanks to its effectiveness, ease of use, availability, and price of zero cents.

It is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and as an extension for Firefox, Chrome browsers and Internet Explorer. The reason Hola can stay free is because each user uses a “peer” to empower the network instead of using many expensive servers. If ever you want to be used as peer and want to get other benefits have Premium for $ 5 monthly.


Spotflux is one of my favorites and although it was complimentary before initially, increasing its popularity and users have already count with a premium model to support the weight of traffic. Spotflux is extremely easy to use and is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. For free you can use the VPN to encrypt all your web traffic unlimited bandwidth ,but if you want complete protection for the entire system, you need to pay the premium by $29.95 a year, which also includes other benefits such as malware protection and choosing different virtual locations.

For a price of $ 5.99 per year you can get unlimited VPN service in all your mobile devices.

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