Top 5 best cloud servers for hosting website on cloud technology

List of top 5 most prominent and cloud servers leader to host and provide cloud computing technology for hosting website online.

We have ranked out the top most prominent leading cloud servers providing companies for hosting website on cloud computing technology. Hosting website on cloud server make website much faster with robust high speed cloud servers.

Here is the list top 5 leader in providing cloud servers:

Top 5 Cloud Hosting Servers

Top 5 Cloud Hosting Servers


Based in US, Rackspace is one of the most famous cloud server provider for any website. It has two type of cloud hosting server, one managed hosting and another un-managed cloud server. Pricing of Rackspace cloud server counted in high price range.

It also provide other service like email hosting, cloud backup, cloud monitoring and etc.


DigitalOcean has improved tremendously in past few year. Started in year 2012, DO droplets number is increasing exponentially without any drop of graph. Price of DO cloud server is lower pricing ($5 for 512MB RAM) among the peer competitors.

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It is backed by some most experience staff and active community with ample knowledge base articles.

Amazon EC2:

A part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) – EC2 is specially made for cloud servers hosting operation providing best server configuration to boost website speed and scalability.

Pricing for AWS EC2 is consider as moderate pricing.


Similar to DigitalOcean, Vultr is another cloud server which is lower priced same as DO and provider higher configuration on server (768 MB RAM at $5).


iWeb offer cloud server for both Linux and Windows OS. There are very few options of Operating system but server can be scalable from 1GB RAM to 8GB RAM with resizable storage space. Pricing will be differed based on RAM and Storage size.

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iWeb can also be considered under mid range pricing cloud servers.

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Note and Conclusion:

Cloud server gives a freedom to host website on highly scalable and re-sizable servers without facing downtime while upgrading or degrading the servers setup. It also provide complete root access which make you a master and administrator of cloud.

If you got happy experience with any other cloud servers, please leave a comment below.

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