Check website Domain Name Server (DNS) using CMD prompt

DNS record TXT CMD prompt
Check your domain IP address and Name Server records DNS like CNAME, MX, A, TXT, and other records using command prompt CMD in windows OS.

An Article to check Domain Name Server (DNS) records of any website or blog without login into host account. Most of online website which help you to trace-out DNS record actually use this look-up string.

Here is the table to check out your full DNS records use can use in command prompt. To open command prompt in Windows OS, press Windows + R and type cmd.

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DNS Record

Full Name of record

NS Lookup in CMD


Canonical Name

nslookup –type=cname X



Nslookup –type=txt X



Nslookup –type=a X


Service Locator

Nslookup –type=srv X


Sender Policy Framework

Nslookup –type=spf X


Mail Exchange

Nslookup –type=mx X

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Where X represents naked domain(without www) name of website.

Check DNS look-up CNAME record using command prompt CMD:

DNS record CNAME CMD prompt

DNS record CNAME CMD prompt

Note: for CNAME record you have to type full domain name like,,, for other records you can use naked domain name, 

Check TXT record look-up:

DNS record TXT CMD prompt

DNS record TXT CMD prompt

Note and Conclusion:

Use naked domain name in case of all other records accept CNAME.

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