Check your website or blog appearance in GoogleWebLight

GoogleWebLight URL check
Do you want to check and test any website or blog appearance in GoogleWebLight from desktop browser ? Here is link to do it.

Do you want to check and test your website appearance while accessing from GoogleWebLight URL from desktop browser ? Here we got an URL which is accessible from any location across the globe.

This URL I got in April 2015 while I was browsing from my Smartphone when Google Web Light as not officially out. I saved this URL but forgot to share, after checking into my Google Keep account I finally found this URL.

Here is the Snippet of URL, all you need to do is replace lite_url with your desired URL and start testing.

Here is another official URL which was released in June 2015.

Here is the screenshot how MatruDEV appears in light web version:

GoogleWebLight URL check

GoogleWebLight URL check

Highlights of GoogleWebLight:

  • Google Web Light is officially rolled out in countries like India where internet speed is below average.
  • It saves around 80% of mobile data and has very fast response time.
  • Google serves website from its own server after compression hence less bandwidth usage.
  • For AdSense publisher, Google Automatic integrates AdSense, Sovrn and other major network ads which helps in monetizing your website from lighter version.
  • It is only accessed from Mobile browsers but not from Desktop or Tablet browser.

Note and Conclusion:

Check today how your website looks in lighter version and remove elements which are not appearing as expected.

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