Classcraft turns work of the classroom in an exciting RPG

You can use Classcraft in the classroom to motivate your students and transform teaching in an exciting RPG.

There are several articles that say that video games are an interesting option for learning and the development of certain skills in people and more specifically in children.

Therefore the term Gamification to define the use of techniques employed in non-recreational games environments to enhance motivation, concentration and effort of the participants, for example the granting of badges for every achievement made. Although the concept is not new, has had more popularity after the rise of digital environments and game consoles.And while some will criticize them, every teacher should consider at some point as part of motivational strategies in the classroom.


In 2013, Shawn Young ,a teacher of Physics of High Level concerned about the learning of their students and then decided to create an interesting online game to help them succeed in school.

Classcraft is not just about scoring points, also favors social relationships, teamwork and collaboration allowing students themselves take control of the process of teaching and learning. It is a game online educational role with which teachers and students alike have fun in the classroom. No required change any curriculum because it is not designed for a particular subject, rather it adapts to the dynamics of class between teachers and students.You can access a demo video game class to learn how to use the interface and learn the basics of the game.

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To start playing is necessary for students to sign the Covenant Hero agrees to play the entire semester or school year, even if a student chooses not to participate may take the school year normally. The Hero Covenant recognize your authority the classroom and allows you to set or change the rules for your class at any time.

Classcraft HP

Each player has some Health Points (HP) as you can lose when demonstrating a negative behavior in class as annoying your fellow students, arrive late or not fulfill the tasks.The Experience Points (XP) are acquired when students demonstrate positive behaviors such as answering correctly in class or help their peers, allowing them to level up and unlock powers.

To level up, each student needs 1000XP generating winning turn Power Points (PP) with which they can buy new powers. These powers represent privileges that the player wins and can use at a given time,with participants playing the role of “healers” can gain the power of the “Prayer” meaning they may consult during its review some notes in their notebook.

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When a student loses all HP should throw the dice death and receive a penalty which may be an arrest or a day less to deliver a job.

Classcraft benefit

The platform is fully customizable with regard to the dynamics of the game and provides many tutorials, tips and tricks to help you get the most benefit. Classcraft is perfectly playable from Chrome and Safari ,currently only available as an iOS app but still working on the Android version.

New generations of students do not conform to traditional teaching methods,they are easily bored because they have become much more visual, so it is important that you as a teacher or professor explores new ways to encourage them to work in the classroom and acquire knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in the future , make sure that the technology can be an excellent partner in this endeavor.

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