CO2 Changers Fit, application against climate change

CO2 Changers Fit is an application that rewards you every time you use the bike or public transport to reduce your CO2 emissions, this is reflected in a change of habits that contribute to curb climate change and save the planet.

There are many ways to help combat climate change , some of which include: energy saving light bulbs, recycling waste, drive less, unplugging appliances that not being used etc. But did you know that installing an application and walking more you can too help to the cause?

Changers is a startup that promotes green technology and the responsible use of energy. Just a month ago, the company launched a mobile application called CO2 Fit, available for both iOS and Android which aims to reward your CO2 emissions savings.

This application is able to measure the amount of CO2 we emit when riding a bicycle, when we take the bus or drive the car to pay you one recoin per kilogram of CO2 you’ve saved.The Recoins (Renewable Energy Coins) is a type of currency Green using this system to reward users who lead a more sustainable life. In addition, you can also win prizes, badges and positions in the world ranking.

Changer app

You can win a recoin per kilometer bike ride (142 g CO2 / km) per 5 miles of travel on public transport (65 g CO2 / km) or every 20 kilometers traveled by train (97 g of CO2 / Km). Each time you win at least 50 recoins with which you can buy a climate certificate within the application, which represents a saving of 25 kilograms in your CO2 emissions.

Climate certificates were created in 2003 by several environmental organizations to offset CO2 emissions. A climate certificate equivalent to saving a ton of CO2 emissions that otherwise could not have been avoided or reduced; addition also helps to finance climate protection projects to offset CO2 emissions.

CO2 is expected Changers Fit can count on a future with real money based on the value of renewable energy, something like Bitcoin.Changers is already present in more than 61 countries and 736 cities and are now betting on creating agreements with municipalities and companies to engage and encourage employees to use CO2 Fit and curb climate change.

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