Comic Book Plus: Over 24,000 free comics for download

With its vast catalog of over 24,000 free comics, Comic Book Plus can become your new favorite web site.

As usual, we like to bring about material public domain or free access, whether books, photographs or any other content. If you’re a comics fan, especially if you like old comics, no doubt you will become a fan of Comic Book Plus.Comic Book Plus is a vast repository of content, over 24,000 comics eras of gold and silver.

The golden age of comics begins at the end of 1930 , when many of the superheroes that have survived to this day (like Superman, Batman, and Captain America) made ​​their first appearance and the industry grew enormously. The end of the golden age occurs around 1950, when sales fall and then,around 1956, the Silver Age begins: at this time, stories of superheroes are not the main attraction, but arise a large number of sub-genres: stories of romance, horror, fantasy and crime that make their own audience, before there is a second wave of superheroes like The Flash and Spiderman. While the most famous comics are not being under copyright, a good deal of material from this period is in the public domain and is available in Comic Book Plus .

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You can browse the catalog by publisher, language, gender or category (adventure, superheroes, western, etc.). So you start reading right away, we leave you some examples of what you can find in Comic Book Plus :

  • The silver-masked, Zorro and a lot of other titles in English and other languages ​including Catalan, Arabic,Spanish, Hindi and French.


  • Captain Marvel : the original Fawcett Comics, which was later bought by DC, and other superheroes like Amazing Man and The Arrow .
  • Collections of comic strips published in newspapers like Little Nemo or Terry and the Pirates .
  • You can find non-fiction comics, as Marvels of Science or Ripley’s Believe it or not , classic comics like GI Joe or even literary magazines and fanzines like The Black Cat
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It also offers rankings and lists the site to help you find the right material for your tastes and best quality : You can explore the 100 most downloaded and best rated, or risk with 12 comics at random from the “Insite” section comics.

The files are downloaded, not surprisingly, in .cbr or .cbz format, so you’ll need a suitable application for reading comics, but you can read them online if you are registered on the page. To download material from Comic Book Plus, you need to open an account (completely free) and wait for approval of the site administrators (it takes a few hours). After that, you’re ready for hours of free comics .

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