How to Connect LG G2 to PC or Laptop using WiFi

Learn How to Connect LG G2 to PC or Laptop using WiFi on

If you are looking for way to connect LG G2 to PC with Wi-Fi then you are on the right place, today we will show you how to connect LG G2 to PC with Wi-Fi. You can also connect to a computer via micro USB data cable. LG also provides another alternative is through a feature called Wireless Storage.

As we know the shortcomings of the LG G2 is the absence of the External Memory Slot so that additional data storage media in mobile phone via a microSD memory card. So for many users when the add media to mobile phones in the form of photos and videos recorded by camera, it seems necessary to continue moving or backing up internal memory data to computer, while the G2 gets full. Therefore, I advise you to move data from PC to LG G2 with Wi-Fi , because it is more practical and not complicated.

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Connect LG G2 to your PC with Wireles Storage feature

  1. First of all, make sure your G2 and your computer is connected to the same wifi access point.
  2. Enable Wireless Storage feature (Settings> Share & connect> Wireless storage) And make sure the toggle Wireless Storage in the ON position
  3. Next Open Run dialog box on your PC. Enter the IP address that appears on the phone screen to run the column. \ Example or \G2 and press Enter
    • Then you will be asked to enter your Username and Password
  4. And this you will get files in windows explorer Wireless Storage »Network / G2
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That's how to use Wireless Store on LG G2 to connect to your PC or Laptop.


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  1. Hannan Ahmad says:

    Being able to connect your mobile device with you PC or laptop has many benefits. If you can share the wireless network services of one device with the other, the productivity of your work will increase. You will be able to remote access all devices and keep all your data synchronized.

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