Learn to connect Windows and MAC using LAN and WLAN

Mac and Windows connection
Learn how to connect Apple Mac OS with Microsoft Windows OS based computer with LAN cable or even with WLAN to share files and play games.

The era from when people started using Apple products have faced a severe problem of switching from Microsoft Windows OS to Apple Mac OS. One such most susceptible difficulty faced by the user is connecting them to LAN or Local Area Network. To connect a Mac and Windows PC lets see what we need to do.

First let’s see what should be done on Windows:

  • The Windows PC and Mac both should have different computer name but same work group name. (Start→ My computer (properties) → Computer name → change)
  • The Firewall of windows should be turned OFF.
  • During assigning IP address to Windows, it should be of the same class as Mac (either  A or B or C) but last bit of it should be a different.
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After assigning IP to windows. Let us see, what we need to do in Mac:

  • Turn ON file sharing [System preference → Sharing → [+] to add folder to be shared → Give the permissions to user accordingly]
  • In file sharing on right bottom check for Option and click on it. You will get two options called, Share file and Folder using SMB.
  • Press Command + K to connect to the server. Enter IP address of windows  computer to be accessed. ( You can connect as many PCs as you wish.)
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In the left sidebar of finder, you can see the connected PC’s and its shared folders. While connecting them using wired LAN use cross-over STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cable. To connect wireless use WAP (Wireless Access Pointer).

Note and conclusion:

Now you would be able to connect Windows OS and Mac OS using LAN and WLAN. Hope this article helped you, do share it and feel free to ask me if any DigitSpeak Support forum required.

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