Convert Notepad Text file into PDF file for free

Convert Text to PDF
Convert your important Notepad Text file into non-editable password protected PDF document for free using "Text to PDF" freeware instantly

Now convert your Notepad file to PDF document for free using the “Text to PDF” software. Developed by inc. This software is free of cost and easy to use. It converts old txt, text, textual report to nice PDF file (form, invoice, report, sale sheet) on all Windows Systems. Just install it and start converting your text file in to Portable Document File.

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Features of Text to PDF:

  • Searchable text base on the generated PDF files;
  • Force font size, font name, font color and paper size;
  • Support PDF custom page size;
  • Support PDF custom page margin and tab size;
  • Ability to process reports that do not contain form feeds;
  • Support command line operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts);
  • Generated PDF files can be opened in the all versions of Acrobat Reader product.
  • Do NOT need Adobe Acrobat software;
  • Support all Windows platforms, 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista;
  • Batch convert text files to PDF files;
  • Support drag and drop files;
  • Acrobat compatible encryption and rights protection;
  • Password protection for PDF files with 40 or 128 bit encryption;
  • Set file permissions to restrict printing, copying, and future modifications to the document;
  • Auto open PDF file after creation;
  • Support 90,180,270 page rotation;
  • Support Portrait and Landscape page orientation;
  • Support system fonts and 14 predefined fonts;
  • Recognize page break symbol automatically within text to PDF conversion;
  • Control n lines per page for advanced users;
  • Control line spacing for text to PDF conversion;
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Click here to download  “Text to PDF” Freeware by (External Link)

How to used “Text to PDF” converter:

Here is the Quick Tutorial Guide on How to download, install and use this awesome freeware.

Step #1: Installing Freeware converter

Download the freeware form about given link and click on install it. Installing is offline and it just take few seconds to install. Just click on next, next, next and installing is done.

Step #2: Uploading file

You can upload text file by clicking on “Open” button and select you text file in computer hard drive. Or you can simply “drag and drop” on the software it will automatically accept.

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Step #3: Converting Text to PDF

When you use “Open” file button, it will show-up with “convert” button just click on it. While you use drag and drop method to upload, it will automatically convert the text file to PDF. Output of file will be in PDF format in same folder location from where you have uploaded the text file.

There are lots of option in converting into PDF. You have option to customized the page size, font, text, font color and more. Read Help Document to do more with VeryPDF converter.

Freeware and information source credit: Inc.

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