How to: Create Bookmarks in Safari on the iPhone

While surfing the internet on the iPhone – You may need to add or save some type of web page for checking it later, or you may need to visit that site again. Lets say that the website you are trying to save in favorite is a social network which you can log back in at any time, and check what your friends are upto.


Create Bookmarks in Safari on the iPhone:

Step 1 Open Safari browser and go to a website that want to add to favorites

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Step 2 Indicate Share button, BELOW Middle of the screen (looks as a square with the upward arrow)

photo 1(1)-horz

Step 3 In the pop up select the first Bookmark button.

Step 4 Specify name for your Bookmark and select the folder you want to save.

photo 3(1)-horz

Step 5 Click Save


You will be able to access the bookmark anytime later, you can access it from the speed dial or folder you saved. Leave you feedback and comments below.

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