The day Gangnam Style broke YouTube

The counter of YouTube was broken by the swag of PSY in his Gangnam Style.

Many imagined that the creator of this viral song had returned to his planet ….However, PSY not only still with us, but just broke another record in YouTube.Well, I do not know if it’s a record but clearly broke something.This is the counter to the video Gangnam Style. By overcoming the 2,147,483,647 copies, the song saturated the integer 32 bits , forcing an update from YouTube.

The official debut of Gangnam Style was July 15, 2012. That is about two and a half years, which is not to long for some people but in the case of a meme or viral video, two and a half years place it basically the last Ice Age. We listen to boredom. It was parodied many times. People created a video after another imitating his flamboyant dance step and finally disappeared … or so we thought . The reality shows that Gangnam Style never stopped accumulating reproductions. In December 2012 we got reports that the video had generated more than $ 800,000 in profits from advertising. Unless YouTube provide official numbers, I do not know if anyone could calculate its impact today. But nevertheless, Gangnam Style is in news again. And it did so by breaking YouTube.

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When Vint Cerf spoke on the ceiling of addresses available in version 4 of TCP / IP, said at the time, 4,300 million addresses would be more than enough for an experiment. The difference is that the experiment never ended and something similar happened with reproductions of Gangnam Style. The demand on the song may have fallen sharply but the counter went up and up to saturate a 32-bit integer. The problem that YouTube had with this is actually quite common in the computer world. In the case of those games that can provide a massive amount of money, the stop is exactly the same as recorded video of PSY: 2,147,483,647 .

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In other words, what you experienced with Gangnam Style in YouTube was a kind of simulation called“problem of 2038” . The solution was simple: With a slight adjustment and probably using a signed integer of 64 bits, Gangnam Style now has a huge margin to continue their ascent. Moreover, if you hover over the counter, you will see the negative value. Perhaps PSY can repeat the feat with Gentleman but it is still far and the number is about 1,400 million views.

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