The definitive guide to free software that you can not miss in your new PC (Part – I)

Nothing bigger than opening the box of your new computer, connect the cables and turn it on for the first time(an emotional moment for many).What follows is start searching programs, tools and applications, however in the network there are many options and it is always useful to have a guide to know what software you should install to have the fully functional PC.

Although there are many discussions regarding the use of the term “free software” , this time only we mean the software is free to use, ie while downloading it costs us nothing (for programs that need installation) or use (for services available on the Internet).

Before officially start with this guide I want to recommend Ninite , a good alternative to installing programs one click.This tool has a website where you can choose which programs would like to install on your computer and then download an installer where they will come pre-loaded with all the tools that you previously selected. It is an excellent option to save installation time of the tools that we use also the software comes free of those annoying requests to install bars on your browser or any additional software .

1. Firefox


Firefox was undoubtedly one of the best web browsers before the appearance of Google Chrome; this year has tried to recover by adding some better to its latest version and throwing the developer version.Users who ever got to use the default browser know their potential and it’s always nice to recommend it.

2. Google Chrome


Google Chrome has managed to take over the market thanks to its quick and simple interface. It has the advantage of having many applications and extensions that can be integrated directly into the browser to diversify what we can do with it. Chrome is one of those tools that allow us to do everything from one place.

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3. Kingsoft Office

It has great resemblance to the largest competitor, Microsoft Office. Kingsoft Office is a multiplatform software (Windows, Linux, iOS and Android), which has three main applications: Writer (word processing), Spreadsheets (spreadsheet) and Presentation (PowerPoint clone). It is fully compatible with all versions of Office Microsoft (97 to 2010).

4. Google Docs

Another free alternative for document creation is Google Docs.This tool from Google is available for free to anyone who owns an email account with Gmail. Create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings and forms quickly and easily. Although customizing tools documents are a bit limited, they serve great to get us out of any trouble, especially because they are available on any computer with Internet access via Google Drive.

5. AVG


AVG Antivirus Free is one of my favorite antivirus. Although it has a paid version, the free version is powerful and functional .Its latest release offers significant changes in the interface, making it much more appealing and intuitive. It offers protection against viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and rootkits . In the Android version, AVG Antivirus scans all files that you download from the network and keeps you very well protected against attacks.

6. Avast

Another good option as free antivirus is Avast . Currently over 220 million people, businesses and mobile devices use Avast to stay protected. The new and improved version of this free antivirus 2015 provides antivirus and antimalware protection; Home network security and cleaning browser . Its excellence in detecting threats has become a favorite of the market.

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7. WinRAR

WinRAR Logo

WinRAR is a powerful and free file compressor that supports many formats. With WinRAR can open, create and decompress files. This type of software is used for the purpose of your files take up less space than they should, so it is very useful, for example, to compress files and email them or to entering more files on your USB drive.WinRAR also allows password-protected archives and repair damaged files.

8. 7-Zip

As with WinRAR, 7-Zip is used as archive manager. Its main advantage over other competitors is that it has a compression capacity of up to 50% thanks to its unique 7z compression format . It has a very simple, without complicated functions interface that allows the user to truly focus on the potential of the tool and not the fancy graphics.

9. Recuva


Recuva is a simple program that can get you out of great distress.This software allows you to recover accidentally delete files from your hard drive or Flash memory. Recuva has different recovery options to define only a specific file type (images, music, documents, videos, etc.), allowing recovery much faster, since they no longer have explored all files. To use this program simply select the device you want to explore and click on Scan, simple right?

10. CCleaner

From the same company behind Recuva, CCleaner is a cleaning utility that allows us to scan the computer to find and remove junk files or repair system errors,this space-saving storage on hard disk and achieve higher performance and speed computer. CCleaner has three main functions: Cleaner, Registry and Tools; since the latter is possible to uninstall programs you no longer need in your PC.

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