DETEKT : Detects surveillance programs on your computer

DETEKT is a useful tool for Windows for free.Its objective is to scan your Windows computer for traces of known surveillance spyware.

The first and last line of defense in any computer is the user and if for some reason think that has been infected or who is delivering more than it should , then you have the option to download DETEKT , a new free tool detection which has the support of Amnesty International,the EFF and other organizations aimed at combating online surveillance and protect the user.

If the security tools were perfect, I think it would be necessary to write about malware and other digital threats. Unfortunately they are not and overconfidence usually paid dearly. I’ve heard on more than one occasion some users say that they do not use an antivirus on their systems, because it just takes a little care on downloads and visits to protect the system. While I understand that position, the fact is that we are human and someday we can escape something that later cause many headaches.Instead of rejecting the help of existing tools, it is best to work with them. One that adds to the package is DETEKT. It is designed to detect and inform users about monitoring components.

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We’re basically at 26.5 megabytes executable to be run with administrator privileges. The first warning that performs DETEKT is to temporarily interrupt the Internet connection. The plan is to block the flow of data, reducing the chance of false positives (some programs that connect to the network could be misinterpreted by DETEKT) and of course affect the normal functioning of any malware that might exist. If the computer is clean, scanning DETEKT should take only a few seconds, but if there are other problems that affect the overall performance, the results will delay several minutes. As a note of support, it has been reported that DETEKT is not compatible with 64bit version of Windows 8.1 . I imagine it will be a matter of time to receive the appropriate update.

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DETEKT Results

Some of the names involved in the development and distribution of DETEKT are Amnesty International, Privacy International , Digitale Gesellschaft and the Electronic Frontier Foundation . The software code is available from GitHub and anyone interested can take a look to see that there is nothing strange inside.

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