Donut selfie:A new way of doing selfies

Donut selfie is a new form of selfies where you need to practice your technique and have a smartphone to record video.

Karen X. Cheng , known virally through internet because of learning to dance in one year has created a particular way to portray your selfies in a new way and it is called Donut selfie . Basically this is a video series linked together to convey the feeling that revolves around our head. As if we had a traveling circle around it.

To this feeling in a satisfactory way, Karen has developed a series of techniques that are critical to achieving a successful Donut selfie. The author has posted online videos explaining where different steps to follow to achieve this effect perfectly.


It may seem simple, but the truth is that you have to consider several aspects that its creator says to do so successfully. For example, we must be sure to perform the movement correctly from one side to another of our head, avoiding overstretching the arm so it does not appear inside the box. But that’s not all, Karen also helps technical slow motion to give the effect of fluency in the image. In addition, couples a wide-angle camera to your smartphone, which will help you capture a wider angle of the image and to reduce movement caused by the pulse.

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Even we are showing how we edit the video to create the effect properly.To do this, the creative uses different applications, it first handles fit the clips to avoid continuity errors between them. Subsequently, using the app iMovie which places the video to vary the speed of the latter, namely making each clip is divided into 3 parts and use a different one for each speed, thus creating a curve of different speeds into a single video.


In addition, Karen X. Cheng has created a site named donutselfie where she encouraged to upload our own selfies and thus share with other people donut. It is undoubtedly a good way to take advantage of the reef trend after the last self-portrait .

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