How to: Download Facebook Videos to Your Computer

Surely you must have enjoyed an exciting or funny video while surfing on your news feed on Facebook. The videos that appear every day to us we watch it or even share with our friends.

However, one of the most frequently asked questions from users is the possibility to perform the download of videos posted on Facebook. Since you can not always be connected to the Internet to watch them, the alternative of downloading the content is excellent. Therefore, we discuss practices to download videos from social networking to your computer, Android or iOS ways.

Download the videos to your Computer

Step 1: visit the site Downvids

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The Downvids is a site which will help you download videos from Facebook and YouTube in their own browser.


Step 2: Copy the link of the video posted on Facebook

Copy the complete URL of the video posted on Facebook that you want to download it.


Step 3: Use the link on Downvids

Paste the link acquired in the field for the Downvids and choose the format of your video: 480p, 720p or 1080p. After that, click "Download".


A new button will be generated to download the video in the format you chose. Click the "Download this video" button.

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Step 4: Save the video

Time to save the video to your computer. After clicking "Download this video", the video will play in your browser. To save it, click the right mouse button over the video and choose "Save Video As …". Choose the destination file on your computer and wait for the download to be performed.


We will update you on how you can download Facebook videos on your Android and iOS device. If you have any question leave a comment below.

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