How to download Skype full setup for windows OS ?

Download Skype full setup instead of every time downloading same setup file from internet and sharing with friends.

Recently, my hard disk got converted to dynamic disk due to some stupid partition I did on my Windows 7 OS. Due to conversion into dynamic disk, my system was not booting with Windows 7 OS which was already present in C Drive. Hence, I had to format my complete system using CMD command prompt and delete all the volumes of drive and then convert them to Basic Disk. I will write a complete in-detail article very soon on this topic.

As I had to format, delete and create new partition, I installed the Windows 7 OS again. Now my next step was to download all the basic software required after Windows OS like Chrome Browser, VLC media player and many more.

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Next step to install the Skype for video calling was necessity for me. I thought of downloading complete setup file that would be easier for me when I have to install Skype in any other machine. I searched for Skype, I was redirected to a download page were only small light setup file (1.7MB) was downloaded and then installation process was entirely online. I think this is a pretty bad move taken by major software giant. Even this is a problem with Google Chrome and Windows Live setup software.

Download Skype Full setup file

Download Skype Full setup file

When I tried downloading, suddenly my internet got disconnected for few seconds and again got reconnected. Meanwhile, after disconnection, my Skype installation got failed and I got option to download complete setup file online. When I started downloading Skype from new link, I saw the file size was 42 MB which was previously 1.7MB.

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Hence now I successfully got the amazing link for complete full Skype setup file of 42 MB, I am sharing with everyone. Download Skype Full Setup for Windows OS just once and enjoying sharing complete setup file.

If you are facing any issue in downloading the file, please reply in below comment, I would like to here from you.

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