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Custom Search Engine Ads
Google Custom Search (CSE) Engine gives you full permission of coloring your ads background matching your website content and link color.

As Google continue to improve the look and feel of Google Custom Search Engine (CSE),  They have announcing a change in how ads are displayed on CSE search results pages. And providing you full functionality on editing the ads background color

Currently ads in CSE results are shown in a separate section from organic search results labeled “Ads by Google”. With this latest change, the ads section will also have a distinct background color, in keeping with the visual style of ads on the google.com search results page.

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Because CSE allows you to choose from one of several built-in styles, the ads background color is different for each style to contrast in a visually appealing way with the default background color. (Note that if you customize the main background color, the ads background color will automatically match it to avoid clashing.)

The following screenshots illustrate what a user performing a custom search on a website might see, for two of the built-in CSE styles.

Custom Search Engine Ads-display

Custom Search Engine Ads-display

This change in design provides users another way to distinguish ads in CSE search result pages.

Custom Search Engine Ads display color edit

Custom Search Engine Ads display color edit

CSE publishers will see these changes effective immediately. As always, please let us know any questions or feedback in our Comment Box.

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