Firefox celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new browser

It has been 10 long years for Mozilla Firefox and they want to celebrate the moment with all their users with the new update.

Firefox celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new browser ,the version 33.1 of the web browser.Mozilla Firefox Foundation started back in 2004, with the evolution of extinct Firebird, one of the first to give strong competition to Internet Explore (remember that Google Chrome came only in 2008).

The Firefox version 33.1 adds new functions to user privacy. One of the new features is the option Forget, made ​​for those who wish to erase part of their browsing history and not all is ideal in situations where you forget to use the Private mode. You can delete the history of the last five minutes of the last two hours or the last 24 hours. Function more interesting for shared computers.We must also add to DuckDuckGo as your browser, which is known for not keeping records of searches that make visitors.

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Another feature is the mosaic view with thumbnails of websites visited most frequently or recently, adding up to an improved quality and more determined for viewed  images of each site .

Finally, I must not forget to mention the browser designed specifically for developers:Firefox Developer Edition , which brings tools like Web lDE or Valence to test the code of applications and sites so that programmers or developers to simulate its operation under different scenarios possible.

What do you think of the news? I do not use Firefox since Chrome came out but what I have as an alternative more than anything for the amenities it has integrated with Google but no doubt it is a good browser, so I’d like to know about you and Mozilla Firefox.

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