Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox.
Comparison of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser to check which is faster, lighter, safer, secure, and user friendly to use.

Many of you have questions which browser must be used, which is the faster browser, lightest browser to use on Desktop. Among all premium free browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari) I used. I found Chrome and Firefox as the best browsers. Here is the review on best browser experience.

This is comparison based on all the factors mentioned below:

#1 Installation Setup

Installing Firefox and Chrome is really easy and simple. Chrome has one-click online installation and Firefox has offline installation. Chrome installation file size is about 13 MB and Firefox installation file size is about 15MB.

As chrome has online installation, it need internet connection while installation. And also it download large data online making it difficult to install.

#2 Start-up Time

When comparison come to start up time, Chrome start faster than Mozilla Firefox. Starting time of Chrome is about 0.7s where as Firefox has 0.9s.

When there are large number of windows open in the browser at start up, then Firefox load faster then chrome. Because chrome start to loading all active and inactive pages but, Firefox load only single active page. Later on changing the tab it start loading other pages.

#3 Browsing or Loading Time

As Google is the lightest page, I tried to load it in both the browser. I find the loading time for chrome is better then Firefox. As both the browsers support view-per-load* make them easier to use. As many elements are supported in Chrome, it makes faster to load and browse.

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[ * showing the content of website as quickly it loaded in the browser cache]

#4 RAM Memory Used

When I opened the in both browsers, waited till it completely load. I saw my RAM memory usage in task manager. Here is my detailed performance test of Firefox and Chrome eating system RAM.

Chrome use the RAM memory in pieces, it has different elements using different RAM process. Whereas the Mozilla collective use its RAM memory.

Tip: Use ALT+CTRL+DEL to see your Task Manager Window.

#5 Hard Drive Memory Used

Mozilla uses 37 MB of hard drive for storing it files and Chrome uses 120 MB of space. Chrome files space hogging is greater because it support all kind of browsing files including HTMl 5, which is partially supported by Firefox.

#6 Private / Incognito Browsing

Firefox support “Private browsing” where as Chrome has ” Incognito Browsing“. Function of both these browsing is same, to make hide all activity done while browsing.

About Firefox, we can only open either regular browsing or switch to private one. But, Chrome has option to enable both the browsing simultaneously. Also chrome can enable multiple Incognito browser making it more secure to use and handle multiple accounts same time.

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Tip: Firefox User can start private browsing by CTRL + SHIFT + P. And Chrome users by  CTRL + SHIFT + N

#7 Add Users

There is separate account for Chrome users. You can login to your chrome browser using your Google Account. mange the users of chrome, add remove users, limit to use by parental setup.

#8 Add-on and Extensions Integration

Add-on and extensions are developed daily in both browsers. Chrome Browser has pre-integrated with lot of  extensions, but if you want to add more features you may go to Chrome store for adding more. For Firefox, you have to add more extensions and add-on to get enable new features integration.

#9 Support with HTML 5

Almost all the elements of HTML 5 are supported by the Chrome Browser. But, Mozilla has drawback for majorly not supporting HTML 5 elements like Video, Sound, more. Firefox is developing its new version so as to fully support the HTML 5 browsing.

#10 Special Features in chrome

  • There is a separate task manager for browser.
  • Integrated Inspect element (Same as Firebug in Firefox).
  • While copying from any Microsoft Word File. All the extra attribution are delete by “Paste as plain text” (CTRL + SHIFT + V ).
  • Zooming Tool available.
  • Google language Translator

Note and Conclusion:

Chrome is the best, lightest, fastest, and more user friendly browser as compare to any other browser. If you don’t have Chrome browser ? Download it from here.

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