A five year old child certified by Microsoft !

Ayan Qureshi, a five year old wonder boy have been certified by the Redmond giant "Microsoft".

The world is full of extraordinary minds and is generally quite difficult to find, but sometimes we passed shining exceptions. Ayan Qureshi is a five year old boy of whom anyone can imagine playing with dolls and consoles at home. However, the young Ayan entertains otherwise by passing an exam of Microsoft Certified Professional.

The story of Ayan Qureshi begins like many others: With him and his family leaving their home country(in this case, Pakistan) to seek new opportunities in foreign lands (UK). His father Asim is an IT consultant and his mother Mamoona works in a medical clinic, two runs which undoubtedly represent a considerable intellectual stimulation for any young. Ayan is now six years old, but before comply, his parents decided to take him to pay a professional certification exam of Microsoft . With only see those responsible for the Redmond giant showed a logical resistance, arguing that Ayan was probably too young to run, but his father assured them that everything would be fine … and it was.

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Ayan the boy wonder

The trickiest part of the whole process was “convert” the formal language of examination to something that can be interpreted by a small five, and Ayan himself admitted that the examination was difficult, but still enjoyed it (yes, enjoyed an exam) . At home, Ayan has assembled a kind of computer laboratory, where remains connected in various network systems that previously belonged to his father. Ayan’s mother shared with the media that he is very happy and proud of what he achieved in his small age and said he does not want to see himself break a record every day but do the best he can in what decide to follow in his life. Do the plans Ayan? Create a Silicon Valley equivalent in the UK , called E-Valley . Dreaming does not cost anything …

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