How to Fix Lag On Your Nokia Lumia 630

Microsoft recently released a few low budget smartphones, one of them is Lumia 630 it is a low budget smartphone with limited features. This phone features a 4.5-inch display with reasonable resolution and it runs Windows 8.1.

This low budget smartphone has some problems which are lagging and freezing of Windows phone, we are going to do best to help you to fix lagging and freezing on Lumia 630.

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Fix Lagging On Lumia 630

Following are the best possible solutions to fight with lagging and freezing on Lumia 630:

1) Remove Unnecessary Tiles

First try removing tiles from your homescreen, remove the unnecessary tiles from the homescreen, you should not remove the tile you would use them frequently. You should delete all other tiles as they may only consume the stoarge space thus making your Nokia Lumia 630 run slow.

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2) Turn Off Location Services

Location Services eat a lot of your RAM, even when they are running in the background. Turn off the Location services for apps which you don't often use.

To turn off the location services in Lumia 630:

Goto Setting> Location> Turn it off.


3) Remove Unnecessary Apps

There may be a lot of apps which don’t use and lying in the your Nokia Lumia 630, you need to get rid of them, As long as they stay in your Lumia 630 they keep on using the RAM and internal storage, They also consume alot of battery as they are running all the time in the background.

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4) Factory Reset:

Try doing a Factory Reset as it will delete everything making your phone a new device.

To Performing a Factory reset follow the steps:

Goto Settings> App Library> About> Reset Your Windows Phone


These were the steps you can try to get rid of these problems easily. Give your feedback in the comments below.


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