Friendship thoughts for my best one’s from heart

Friends forever
There are friendship thoughts based on my personal experience and yes feeling of being best friends is really very good, just like heaven.

I am writing some of my personal thoughts for my best friend whom I trust and love the most and also think as a partly of my family.

Friendship is neither just a word nor ordinary feeling but it is feeling of understanding, frankness and honesty between two persons. These feelings keep two very special persons bounded together. Just like soul mates. Friendship is like when we walk in our house and our WiFi connects automatically with we request to get connected with us.

Friends are always there whenever we need advice or even have some non-sense talk. They participate in our happiness and even give a shoulder to cry on when needed. Whenever we feel alone we most remember all those lovely moments  which we usually spend together. Friends always listen with heart and they are always honest with us even though they know that truth is what we may not be what I want to hear.

Friends knows all our secrets, understand our fears, shares thoughts, tour dreams  and you never stops believing in us. With friends we feel everything is possible without any obstacles.

And no matter what happens with us, how far we move away from each other we will be always stay connect with single strings.

Cheers to beauty of friendship !

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