Get a new SIM card on loss or theft of mobile ?

lost sim card
Recently my mobile phone was stolen while I was travelling. So to get new card keeping same number was difficult and had some issues.

Recently my phone was stolen while I was traveling in public transport. Bus was fully crowded and I didn’t noticed when my phone got stolen from by back pocket. Phone was old, so it didn’t hurt me much but mobile number was very important as it was my primary contact number and also all it was SIM were I receive my banking related SMS.

So to get new SIM with same number was a problem. SIM was of Airtel, so I went to nearest airtel re-seller to ask the procedure. He told me to get the same number they need police FIR and same documents which I used while getting the SIM for first time.

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I thought of giving a try at  airtel care gallery. They too said the same thing (FIR and documents). I thought of giving up the SIM and take a new one. But I didn’t remembered where else I have used this number.

Finally next day I lodge the complaint and registered FIR at nearest police station. I took the copy of FIR and attached it with documents required to get new SIM card with same mobile number and submitted it to same airtel care gallery.

Airtel care gallery guy gave me new SIM with same number (charged me around 110 bucks). He told me that sim will get activated within 4 hours. I reached home in 30 mins and inserted in mobile phone to my surprise, my mobile number was activated and I started receiving SMSes of missed calls while my phone was off. Even my account recharge balance got transferred.

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Note and Conclusion:

To get a new SIM card with same number, visit to your nearest Airtel care gallery with police FIR and the supporting documents (Government ID proof, Address proof, 2 passport size photo). Your number will be activated within 2 hours.

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