Auto-delete spam emails using Gmail filter

Auto Delete Gmail Filter
Are you receiving daily promotional emails and spams in Gmail? Now setting a Gmail filter can auto-delete emails without any efforts.

Gmail has an in-built feature called filter that allow users to define actions for new and existing emails. Using this filter function, we can define a delete action for any email that you will receive.

In this article, I will show how to create an email filter to auto-delete useless promotional email that I receive regularly.

  • Login to Gmail and open the email that should get auto-delete. Click on down arrow and click on Filter messages like this. (Screenshot below)
Filter Messages Like This

Filter messages like this

  • A web pop-up will appear on search bar, click on Create filter with this search.
Gmail Filter From

Gmail Filter From

  • On create filter web pop-up, select Delete it check box. If you want to apply this delete filter on exisitng email, then select the check box available below — Also apply  filter to # matching conversations.
Gmail Filter Delete

Gmail Filter Delete

  • Verify delete filter in Trash box.
Gmail Trash Filter

Gmail Trash Filter

Note and Conclusion:

Now your Gmail filter is successfully created, any new email received from email ID which is filtered will be directly deleted without displaying in inbox folder.

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