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Goodfilms is a social website that helps you discover films is that you like, find them on Netflix or iTunes, and also write reviews to share your reviews with friends or the community.

As good lover of cinema, one of the things I love about living in the present era are all possibilities we have in our hands to enjoy a movie from the comfort of our homes.Going to the movies can be fun, but it is clear that most prefer to sit in pajamas on their rocking chairs and perform all potty breaks that cause us without having to miss a second of the plot.

Services such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu are just a few of the most popular way to bring movies direct to home cinema. The only problem with these sites is that it offers so many options that it becomes very difficult to choose to do. Many of us who have recourse to databases such as IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes find the ratings of films before deciding to put. This is where social sites that allow us to share opinions about movies with friends and strangers become useful.

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Good Films

goodfilms netflix

As its name says, Goodfilms is a site about good cinema. It is a social network, while web application that offers recommendations. The social components reminds me of a page that I love: Letterboxd where people do movie reviews and share.You can also keep a history of all the movies you’ve seen in your life adding grades each.

Goodfilms has all those features so that users can write what they think of the movies that they have seen and provide guidance for others to decide if a film is worth or not. But where it excels is in its integration with Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu. You can log in with Facebook or Twitter, or register with your email. When you enter for the first time, you’ll begin to describe some movies as you like, so Goodfilms learn your tastes and recommend better things to do. Ratings have two indicators: stars or emojis (quite funny) that you can use to express how did you feel the film in question.

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After your first round of qualifications, you can start enjoying the good. Goodfilms is an excellent companion for the movie buff looking for something to watch for entertainment and has trouble deciding what to see and where. If you love movies, you can not fail to try.

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