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Answering - Is it possible to have multiple Google AdSense account by one person who is having multiple bank accounts in different banks.

Recently there was a question raised by a online blogger on having multiple Google AdSense account with different bank accounts on single persons name. The guy had question whether it is allowed by Google to have more than one account with single person. And is there any risk of having multiple accounts.

Answer was replied some of the renowned experts in blogging and online money making with Google AdSense. Answer was very simple and realistic in nature it was — NO.

Having multiple bank accounts has nothing to do with multiple bank accounts. If a person operate multiple AdSense accounts at the same time, he could be running the risk of getting caught by Google. If you are doing genuine publishing, I see no reason for operating multiple Google AdSense accounts. If you use a single AdSense account, over a period of time, you will build reputation for that account and that will save you from getting disabled.

Even though Google policies allow multiple people in the same address to have separate AdSense accounts, in some Asian countries, they usually do not approve such applications. They would consider that same person is applying in different accounts.

We all know Google is very intelligent, and if Google paying you for something then obviously it will do lot of background check.

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Some of background check includes (assumptions):

  1. Whether the person has multiple Google AdSense account.
  2. Does the person have multiple account with same address.
  3. Does the person use multiple account with same IP address.
  4. Does the person belongs to any of Asian countries.
  5. How long the account is being used by the person.
  6. Whether Ads clicks IP and account login IP is same or different and so on.
  7. What is the percentage of CTR on AdSense ads.

So don’t dare to fool Google by having multiple Google AdSense accounts on your name or even on your family members name with same address. Be careful, once its gone then it gone forever.

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6 Responses

  1. Alok says:

    I need a separate AdSense account for my business, should I need to create a new email id as well ? because Income tax is huge for my savings account.

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Yes, you need to create new email (Gmail) id for new AdSense account. Google AdSense doesn’t allow two accounts on one Email ID.

  2. Madhura says:

    Hi Kushal,

    I have adsense account with US address and details. Now we have moved to India for good, and I want to change the country to India from USA. Now recently google has activated support, so I approached using google support to change the country. As per instructions, we have put a self hold on our current website. And 2nd step is to apply with different mail i.d. when we do so, it’s showing error “This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense”

    Our adsense is linked to youtube as well, so we don’t want to take risk of cancelling account and applying again.

    Now we also have our brand new website coming up, so instead of cancelling account for madhurasrecipe, can we apply for adsense for this new website, its domain age is more than 6 months and 1 st post is moe than 4 months old. We have more than 300 articles with 800 to 1000 words and authorised images.

    SO is it a good idea to apply for this new website, once it’s approved then cancel the old adsense account ?

    Does google approve adsense with same payee name, as I would have fresh details related to Country, Bank, Address etc.

    Can you please guide us on this scenario.

    Thanks :)

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Hi Madhura,

      Are you facing any problem in receiving payments with your current address or country (US) ?

      What I can say is keep your existing AdSense account as it is and just change the Bank Account details something in India. Changing the address from US to India is of no use now as Google has started Online Payment system. So I guess there wont be any problem with Address now. If you have problem with Time Zone then you can change it from account settings.

      Reason you are getting the error about website URL is because it is already been monetized by existing AdSense you have, so you cant apply for same URL for another account.

      Talking about second method to create new account with new website and all other details except your name — YES. You can try this but make sure that you had logged-in with different browser with different IP address and your existing AdSense account is signed out. If Google found that you already have an account and trying to create new then it might penalized you and existing account might get terminated. So be careful in doing so.

      At-last my suggestion for your case would be keep address (US) as it is and just add India bank details to receive EFT payments instead of taking risk to create new account.

      I hope this clears your doubt, if you have any further question feel free to reply below.

      With Regards

  3. Hari says:

    Hello Sir i i already have a adsense account and want to apply adsense for my other site with other mail id. Is is possible ?

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Hi Hari,

      Answering to your question, YES it is possible. But be careful with IP address that you will be using for AdSense. Two AdSense account with same IP address might create issue.

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