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These are few best browsers available in market, hence we are comparing these Microsoft Edge Browser Vs Google Chrome Vs Mozilla Firefox.

Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are number one and number two here with Internet Explorer 11 taking up the third place.

But as Microsoft Edge has replaced IE 11 and is overall more promising than IE 11 we are providing a comparison between these three browsers.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are both available on Windows, Mac OS x and Linux. Microsoft Edge is currently only a Windows 10 exclusive and Windows 10 default browser, coming pre-installed.

Below is a brief comparison between the three browsers:

Updates and patch fixes

Firefox and Chrome are superior in this department as they silently and transparently download and install updates in the background and automatically apply them.

In every few weeks or so any major problems are expected to be fixed more quickly.

Edge is a fairly new browser and it is difficult to make any comment.

Design and ease of use

We use the browsers to see the internet content and most browsers do understand this, that’s way it design language is as minimal as possible and provide the most screen real estate for the internet content.

The three browsers accomplish this very effectively.

Chrome has a slim address bar which doubles as a search bar. It has basic navigation controls i.e. back, forward, refresh and home to the left of the address bar.

At the very right is a hamburger menu containing all the settings. There is a star button to the right of the address which can be clicked to quickly bookmark a page.

Mozilla Firefox is pretty similar and to Chrome but feels a little bulky as the address bar and search bars are two separate bars.

Firefox provides the same kind of single click bookmarking as with Chrome. The setting menu is also accessed in a similar fashion as that of Chrome.

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Edge, on the other hand, resembles IE 11 but with slimmer borders, fewer icons and streamlined toolbar.

Extra Features:

Chrome has an extensive Web Apps Store from which you can add extensions to your browsers which give it more features.

The apps available in the Chrome Web Apps Store will make you question whether you are using a Web app or a Local app. It is also highly customizable.

Firefox also has extension features and manly users are tied to the browser just because of some exclusive extension which is essential to their browser experience.

Again Firefox is the most customizable browser in the market in terms of interface and display.

Edge is fairly new and we are waiting for new features which have been promised to us via Microsoft. Microsoft had stated that Edge will support extensions. But currently notable features include the ever so handy reader mode. It removes clutter and formatting from WebPages and articles to make a comfortable reading experience.

Again Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant is built into Edge to help you will your browsing. Plus other local apps like Outlook are also integrated into Edge.

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Between Chrome and Firefox, it all comes down to the question of user preferences. Both browsers are very good. Though some user finds Chrome to be much faster than Firefox and have a vast app list compatible with the browser.

Edge is a newcomer expectedly will hold the same place as that of IE 11; maybe better as it is more functional than IE 11. We will just have to wait and see how extensions are going to be used in Edge.

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