Speed up your website loading with Google PageSpeed CDN

Google PageSpeed Test tool
Reduce loading time of website or blog static content, files and pages faster using Google PageSpeed and reduce server load to save bandwith

Google Developers have coded a great content delivery network(CDN) project named PageSpeed which allows website content and static files flow of at faster rate on browsers on each request.

Using this tool you can submit your website or blog to Google CDN which make your website faster then previous. There are analysis tool to analyse website where it is affected most and how to reduce these affected areas.

#1 How to Analyse Website PageSpeed?

As I ready mention that Google have analysis tool you can use and check your PageSpeed score. This tool is Analysis Insight develop by Google Developers.

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Analysis checks total 24-26 section of your website pages from CSS to JS files, server response time to caching of pages. It gives all suggestion that can increase your page speed and main areas that are affecting your website.

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Note:  Website score may change on each check, it depend on webhost server and caching of webpages.

There is another tool WebPageTest to check page speed which is also recommend by Google.

#2 How to use optimize and use Google PageSpeed CDN?

To use Google PageSpeed service(currently free) you have to signup for service using signup form. After your account is active it will be associated with your Google account.

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After login into your PageSpeed service account you have to make your website URL route through Google server. This is done by pointing your DNS server ‘A’ record to Google CDN Server.

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Edit and make following ‘A’ record changes in DNS name server of your webhost. If there are any other www host pointing to other address, delete that A record make it point towards PageSpeed server.


Point To



Google will request your content pages using naked domain name i.e smartgeekblog.com and send through www.smartgeekblog.com to web browser. This make your website pages serve through Google reducing load on your webhost server.

You can also use by downloading PageSpeed software like mod_pagespeed for Apache , Use ngx_pagespeed for Nginx Beta and installing these software in your webhost server and operate for free.

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