Google publishes a list of the best Android apps of 2014

Google has published a list of the best Android apps of 2014, which has been a great year for the market of applications and Android in general.

When there is so little remaining like over a month for the year comes to an end, we all began to think what 2014 has left us with. In the world of technology there have been large terminals that have beem analyzed but has also been a great year for Android applications. And although one of the topics of apps that platform is the low quality compared to others, it is increasingly easy to find an application that we like . To help with the search, Google has released the list of the best Android apps of 2014 .

And there are few surprises:

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Surely there are better and worse, but there are apps that I use every day and in most cases make life much easier. I use Wunderlist to organize my daily tasks, keyboard SwiftKey to write sliding with better suggestions, IFTTT to automate “answers” on the Internet, TimeHop to remember what I posted on social networks a year ago and Sunrise as a substitute for the official calendar app of Mac for mobile. Telegram is my favorite messaging service and is the one I use with my friends and co-workers. Finally, use SoundHound to recognize songs and TuneIn to Listen to the radio when I’m not home.
In my opinion all those on the list are of high quality and can be considered the best apps of 2014, but missing many other indispensable such as Dropbox, Skype, Pocket Casts, Pocket, Reddit News, Press, Fenix , Plex, Spotify, VSCO Cam etc. But it is the usual dilemma, if you want to list or a ranking, you risk to leave things in the pipeline. Fortunately Google has included many of the best . Hopefully the 2015 is waiting for the users with better apps, which will surely happen if developers become fashionable with the new Material Design.

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