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Google Wallet
Google Wallet offers fast payment for the purchase of Google services and product. It also help for Android Pay for hassle-free payments.

Google Wallet is very useful feature product by Google. It is used for sending and receiving money online just with email ID of the person or business. It’s payment system work for all purchase Google products and services like Google Apps, Google PlayStore, AdWords, Google Drive etc. It is also used for offline businesses which accept payment through Android Pay at their outlets.

This article will focus on how to sign up for free Google Wallet account and add payment methods.

Getting a Google Wallet account is simple and free, all you need is a mobile number verified Google Account and a credit or debit card. So considering you have both, let’s get started with sign up process.

  1. Go to Google Wallet sign up from Desktop browser.
  2. Click on Sign In link at the top.
  3. Enter your verified Google Account credential and sign-in into your account.
  4. Next you need to Sign Up for Google Wallet with few personal and payment details (credit or debit card). You may also add Payment details later on.
  5. After filling all the details, click on Accept and Create button at the bottom of the same page (screenshot below).
  6. Your Google wallet account is now created for free.
Google Wallet Signup

Google Wallet Signup

Next, if you have skipped adding the Payment method while signup process, then navigate to Payment Methods tab and add the Payment method (credit or debit card details).  Once you have added the details, Google will verify the ownership of card by deducting a specific amount from payment method (which will be refunded back later) that you need to enter for verification and ownership.

Google Wallet Payment Method

Google Wallet Payment Method

You can add multiple Payment methods and manage them on the same tab and choose anyone as default for the future transactions.

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Once you started using Google Wallet for the purchase of any service or product, you would be able to pay them directly through wallet account. And all the details of the transaction are maintained on Transactions tab.

For instance, recently I had made a purchase of WhatsApp service extension for 3 years using Google Wallet. And I had this (below screenshot) receipt of the transaction after I checked Transactions tab.

Google Wallet Payment Details for WhatsApp

Google Wallet Payment Details for WhatsApp

Benefits of using Google Wallet:

  1. Payments can be done faster within few clicks without any gateway or account login needed.
  2. Sending or receiving payment can be done using Email ID, no extra details needed.
  3. You will have detailed transaction receipt for every payment.
  4. No extra charges for the transaction (at least for Google Service purchases).
  5. Forex conversion with local currency.
  6. Easy to use for Online and Offline Payment using Android Pay.

Note and Conclusion:

I would strongly recommend using Google Wallet service for hassle-free payments. As this is the matter of money, make sure that you have a very strong password for Google Account.

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If you have any other thoughts or queries on Google Wallet, then drop in below comments.

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  1. CrazyAndro says:

    Looking at the screenshots, u” entered a USA address and then made a transaction in INR.

    I too have balance in my Google wallet in foreign currency. I am in India now and want to make payment to whatsapp using tht balance, but when i click on payment option in Whatsapp, it shows “Checking eligibility” and then only opens the PayPal page in browser. Is there any way i cam make a payment to whatsapp using the balance in my Google Wallet which has a balance in foreign currency.
    The Google Wallet app installed on my device says it cannot be used in my location.

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