Hacker can finally run homebrew on the 3DS

After years of hardwork from the hacker communities a hacker was successful to hack the Nintendo 3DS.

The fact that Nintendo did a great job with the Nintendo 3DS with respect to security: after nearly four years of life, all attempts to unlock the handheld console came to nothing, at least until now.
A hacker named Smealum released a curious procedure but delivers what it promises: the possibility to load homebrew on the 3DS.Yes,that’s true.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKjuy3-z054]

The exploit is called Ninjhax which actually is related to a bug found in the game Cubic Ninja , which is available via retail in the West ( but was also released digitally in Japan ) and obviously has caused the rampant cartridge cost. The user needs to load first homebrew on the memory card installed in the 3DS ( the new 3DS and the 2DS and the XL variants are also susceptible to exploit,yet one should pay attention to system version installed ), then run the game and scan a QR Code, which gives start the installed programs. It is possible to run some emulators like the Super NES and Game Boy and turn the ubiquitous Minecraft .
Nintendo held a real war in recent years with respect to shield their consoles piracy, see the legal battle against Flash Card R4 and the like which are banned in Japan. As the failure involves software, it is quite possible that the Mario’s house remove Cubic Ninja from the Japanese eShop ( UPDATE : said and done ) and update the system to close the door on retail copies. Anyway we know that it is indeed possible to run external programs to 3DS; already run console ROMs still think it will take.

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