Hexels a great graphic editing program to create pixel art

Hexels is a software tool that lets you draw shapes on a grid simply, is designed ideally for creating art pixelated and can use in Windows and Mac OS

A type of digital art that has become increasingly popular in recent years, is to create pixelated artwork, as were used in the retro games from the 80s and early 90s.The Pixel art has a very flashy style and funny that many of us love and we see more and more often dependent game developers choose to use these graphs to represent their fantasy worlds.Great games like Fez,Transistor or Monument Valley to rise at a phenomenal level using each pixel and each color in its artwork is a wonderful example of this to represent their fantasy worlds.

Although you can use basically any graphic editing program to create art like this, even a leaf and paper if the artist has talent; is much more comfortable to have some special hand you a tool to make the job a little easier. I have personally experienced much just using the pen tool in Photoshop and working freehand zooms to 500 or 1000%. That is until I met Hexels a new program that lets you paint with different shapes on an ideal Pixel art drawing grid.

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Hexels for Windows and OS X


Hexels is available for free for Windows and Mac although there is a paid version with additional advanced features that costs just $19.99. The program is perfect for creating Mosaic art thanks to tools that let you work frame by frame, pixel by pixel on a grid.

Hexeles includes several art forms to draw,as pixels, circles, crystals etc. The Pro version includes many more than free as expected. You can add textures to each form independently, add glow effects and import images to the background. You can export PNG files up to 1280×1280 pixels in the free version and even the huge 24576×24576 px if you use the payment.

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Hexels is an excellent tool for both the beginner who wants to start creating pixel art for the first time, as for more experienced seeking a better alternative software that makes the process easier. Besides being super fun to use and the only limit we have is our imagination. Best of all, we can use it for free and decide if we need the extra features of the Pro version. If you striking this kind of art, you can stop by the tumblr of Hexels where lots of artwork done with the program appear.

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